Tom Perez Statement on Jehmu Greene

After Jehmu Greene dropped out of the DNC Chair race, Tom Perez issued the following statement:

“I'm honored to have Jehmu Greene's support. She was just as tireless in this race as she was when she empowered young people to take control of their own destiny at Rock the Vote and served as our party’s Director of Women's Outreach. I look forward to Jehmu’s voice and her ideas about the future of the DNC staying at the forefront of our party as we tackle the critical task of rebuilding that lies ahead.”

Tom Perez Statement on Sally Boynton Brown

After Idaho Democratic Party Executive Director Sally Boynton Brown dropped out of the DNC Chair race, Tom Perez issued the following statement: 

“I thank Sally for her steadfast advocacy on an issue that will be central to the future of the DNC: electing Democrats up and down the ballot in every zip code, based on our shared progressive values.  As an executive director in a deep red state, she knows what it will take for our party succeed in some very difficult environments. We will need her ideas in the months ahead as we work to rebuild our party and take on Donald Trump and Republicans.”

Tom Perez Statement on Mayor Pete Buttigieg

After South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg dropped out of the DNC Chair race, Tom Perez issued the following statement: 

"Pete Buttigieg is the future of our party.  It is clear to all of us who have gotten to know Pete through this process that he is immensely talented and has a bright future in this party. 

"He is the kind of leader that we need not only in Indiana, but across our country as we work to organize to win.  Pete has not only served our country, but he has served our party by bringing a fresh perspective to our movement. His example is the prescription for winning on the local level and making real gains in deep red states across America.

"I thank Mayor Pete Buttigieg for his continued service to our country, and for the message of unity he brought to this race.  South Bend is fortunate to have such a forward-thinking, innovative, and accomplished mayor. I am confident Pete has a bright future ahead of him in the Democratic Party, and I plan to work with him to make that future a reality."

Full Delegations from Kentucky, Mississippi Join Wave of Endorsements

Ahead of the Vote, Endorsements from Delegations, Leaders Rolled In

As the hours until the DNC vote continue to wane, the full delegations from Kentucky and Mississippi committed their votes to Tom Perez. The DNC members in these states join others from states and territories including Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and more  that have previously announced their endorsements of Tom for DNC chair.

Tom Perez continues to build momentum ahead of tomorrow's vote for DNC chair, with more than 15 endorsements from key Democratic stakeholders and activists. Tom continues to fight for every vote and share his vision for a DNC for every Democrat. Tom is uniquely qualified to speak to our party's big tent, take the fight to Trump, and be a turnaround artist for the DNC. In the hours that remain before Saturday’s vote, Tom will continue to fight for the support of every DNC voting member and share his vision for the Democratic Party: one laser focused on the issues that keep families up at night. Here’s a look back at the past week at Team Tom.

Endorsements from this past week:


More support for Tom:

Put Working Families First: U.S. News & World Report, Mark Perrone, 02/24/17: "The success of the Democratic Party will come down to its ability to do one thing: put hard-working families first. By electing former Labor Secretary Tom Perez as chairman of the Democratic National Committee this weekend in Atlanta, they'll have the best chance to do just that... UFCW members and hard-working people want leaders who will put their interests first, and to build a more progressive America with real ideas, proposals and action."

A Party You Can Rely On: U.S. News & World Report, Kathleen Sebelius, 02/24/17: “For too long, our party leaders have ignored voters in the rural expanses of Kansas and other states like it, and our party and its candidates at all levels have been put at a disadvantage because of it. Tom Perez is committed to changing that, which is why I'm pleased to endorse him for DNC chair. Tom came to Kansas earlier this month to meet with state and county party leaders from around Kansas, and he told them that as party chair he'd change the culture that has left rural Americans feeling ignored or disrespected by the Democratic Party. He came to Kansas to say that he will build a party that reaches not just voters in urban areas every fourth October, but one that is organized and consistently reaches voters everywhere – in red states and blue states, in major cities, suburban areas and rural communities. He'll build a party focused on a compelling message of economic empowerment. He'll build a party that Kansans can rely upon.”

Tom Perez embodies the Democratic Party. This is why he should lead it: Cristobal Alex, President of the Latino Victory Fund, 2/24/17:  “ this desperate time we need a leader of the Democratic Party who can unify, rebuild and fight against Trump. We need a progressive who knows how to organize, successfully manage large institutions, and importantly, ensure that President Trump serves only one term. That person is Tom Perez...Tom knows that we need to get back to the American values that the Democratic Party stands for: economic opportunity, good paying jobs, immigration reform that brings our families out of the shadows so that we are full participants in our economy and democracy. Those American values offer us a future where our environment is clean and safe, which we can leave to future generations. That’s our America, and we need to champion to defend it and fight for it.”

Opinion: Win or Lose, I Will Work to Unite the Democratic Party: NBC News, Tom Perez, 02/21/17: “ matter who wins in Atlanta, my first priority will be to help unite our party around the values of inclusion and opportunity. And if I have the privilege of being elected chair, I promise to make sure everyone's voice is heard because I believe that everyone in this race has so much to offer when rebuilding our party. We can't afford to leave anyone on the sidelines; we need their ideas, their experience, and their energy to build the best party we can be. As chair, I'll facilitate the tough conversations we need to have about how to move our party forward, and I'll work each and every day to be a leader for all Democrats.”


Florida DNC Members Endorse Tom Perez

Their Announcement Follows the Endorsement of the Democratic Hispanic Caucus of Florida

Today, ahead of the DNC vote in Atlanta, Florida DNC members Joe Falk, Judy Mount, Dr. Maureen McKenna, John Ramos, Alan Williams, Alan Clendenin, and Angel Gomez announced their support for Tom Perez. This announcement comes on the heels of endorsements from South Carolina and Louisiana DNC members. In their endorsement, the seven Floridians cited Tom's track record of fighting for progressive causes and building diverse teams where everyone has a seat at the table. The announcement follows yesterday's show of party unity as Jaime Harrison endorsed Tom. 

Statement from Florida DNC members:

"After spending several weeks carefully listening to each candidate in the race for DNC chair, the choice for us is clear -- Tom Perez has the experience, vision, and strength to lead our party to victory. His decades long track record of turning around massive, failing institutions and leading them to success speaks for itself. With Tom at the helm, we know the DNC will evolve from a struggling bureaucracy to a thriving, successful organizing machine that will turn purple states like Florida bright blue.

"With Donald Trump as our president, it's never been more important that our party's leader knows how to organize and fight back. Tom doesn't just understand how to take on big fights -- he knows how to win them. As Chair, he'll bring our party together to build a unified force that stands up to Trump every single day, because he understands that our unity is the Trump administration's biggest nightmare. After watching Tom join forces with Jaime Harrison, it's clear he has the skills and temperament to bring us together.

"Simply put, Tom is the best guy for the job, and we couldn't be more proud to announce our support for him."

Full Virgin Islands Delegation Endorses Tom Perez

Tom Perez today picked up the endorsement of the full Virgin Islands delegation to the DNC. Ahead of tomorrow's vote for DNC chair, the Virgin Islands delegation including Donna Christensen, chair; Glen Smith, Vice chair; Luis "Tito" Morales, national committeeman; Carol Burke, national committeewoman; cited Tom's plan to get the party back to basics in their endorsement. 

Statement of the Virgin Islands Delegation to the DNC: 

"We are proud to endorse Tom Perez for DNC chair because we believe he is best suited to lead Democrats - wherever they live - and turn our party around. We support Tom for his longstanding commitment and decades of action on the issues the Democratic Party stands for. Tom has shared with us his vision for a 57-state strategy including all 50 states and the territories that gets us back to a message of opportunity for all. In order to elect more Democrats up and down the ballot, we need to get back to the basics of grassroots organizing and running a world class operation at the DNC. We stand with Tom and support him taking on this challenge for Democrats."


DNC Member and Mexican American Legislative Caucus Chairman of Texas Rafael Anchia Endorses Tom Perez

A day before the election for DNC Chair, Texas DNC Member and Mexican American Legislative Caucus Chairman Rafael Anchia announced his endorsement of Tom Perez. Representative Anchia joins fellow Texans including Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa, Congressman Filemon Vela (D-TX34), and Chair of the Rural Caucus Betty Richie in endorsing Tom for DNC Chair.

Statement of Rafael Anchia, DNC Member and Texas Mexican American Caucus Chairman:

“The DNC Chair election is not only about who is going to rebuild the Democratic Party, but also about who will lead us into the future.  Tom has a proven record as a fighter and a change agent, and that is what we need in this critical time.  Tom fought alongside the Mexican American Legislative Caucus in Texas when Republicans tried to push their discriminatory photo ID laws which sought to prevent the poor and communities of color from voting.”

“I am proud that Tom would be the first Latino leader of our party.  And as the sons of immigrants, both Tom and I know the importance rebuilding that infrastructure of opportunity that has helped prior generations achieve the American Dream.  Tom is committed to make Democrats competitive in all states — including Texas – by helping us keep money at home to invest in the candidates that will win in 2018.”

Virginia DNC Members Endorse Tom Perez

Virginia DNC Members Atima Omara, Frank Leone, Doris Crouse-Mays, Jenn McClellan, Fred Hudson, and Steve Cochran released the following statement after endorsing Tom Perez for DNC chair. They cited Tom’s record as both an advocate and a manager, and said that he would help Virginia Democrats continue their recent electoral success. 

Statement from Virginia DNC Members:

“Virginia Democrats have now won four straight Senate elections, two out of the last three gubernatorial elections, and helped the Democratic candidate carry the state in three straight presidential elections, so we know how to pick a winner. Tom Perez is the candidate for DNC chair who can best help us continue our winning streak. Tom has a proven record at the Labor and Justice Departments as a turnaround artist who can revamp struggling organizations. He will improve the relationship between state parties and the DNC in order to empower Democrats from the local to the federal level, fight for progressive values, and make sure our party can compete in every ZIP code.

“Tom is a strong advocate for our party who can blunt the appeal of Donald Trump’s hateful policies. He was a highly sought after surrogate for Democrats in 2016 and we know that will continue. We know we can also count on Tom in the fights ahead, whether it be the strict voter ID laws passed by Republican legislatures like ours or the anti-union so-called 'right to work' law we defeated last year. We are very proud to endorse Tom for DNC chair.”

Iowa and Puerto Rico Delegations Endorse Tom Perez, Citing his 57-State Organizing Strategy

A day after Jaime Harrison endorsed Tom Perez for DNC chair, and following the support of Louisiana and South Carolina Delegations, the full Delegations of Iowa and Puerto Rico to the DNC are endorsing Tom Perez for DNC chair.  The delegations released the following statements in support of Tom. Both states cited Tom's commitment to a 57-state strategy and track record of managing complicated organizations. 

Statement from the Iowa Delegation to the DNC:

“Iowa Democrats know that, following a year in which a Republican presidential candidate won Iowa for the first time in a decade, we need a leader who is ready on Day 1 to rebuild our party and make sure Democrats competes in every ZIP code. Our delegation believes that Tom Perez is the best candidate to take on that responsibility - and get our party winning again.  He has a proven record of turning around struggling organizations, whether it was the Civil Rights Division of a Justice Department decimated by years of Bush Administration neglect or a Labor Department rated the second worst place to work in the federal government.  The Justice Department got back to the business of protecting Americans' rights and the Labor Department became the cornerstone of President Obama's economic opportunity agenda.  We need this sort of turnaround artist at the DNC to combat the disastrous Republican policies in our state, like so-called 'right to work', by electing more Democrats up and down the ballot.  We are proud to endorse him as our next DNC chair.”

Statement from the Puerto Rico Delegation to the DNC:

“The Puerto Rico delegation to the Democratic National Committee is pleased to support Tom Perez for Chair of the Democratic National Committee.  Tom has been a tireless advocate for voting rights and civil rights for all Americans and will be a great leader for protecting the right to vote for all Americans where they live.  It is more important now than ever before that all Democrats raise our voices to make sure we build up the Democratic Party to face the challenges ahead.  Tom has the experience and determination to rebuild the Democratic Party with a strategy that reaches every corner of the country.   We believe Tom will be a great leader to move the Democratic Party forward and we are pleased to announce our endorsement for him as the next leader of the Democratic National Committee.”


Louisiana Delegation and Governor John Bel Edwards Endorse Tom Perez for DNC Chair

On the same day that Jaime Harrison endorsed Tom Perez for DNC chair, the full Louisiana DNC delegation joined Governor John Bel Edwards in throwing their support behind Tom Perez, including Senator Karen Carter Peterson, Deborah Langhoff, Michael McHale, Orleans Parish Clerk Arthur Morrell, and Terrebonne Parish Councilwoman Arlanda Williams. The delegation and the Governor released the following statement in support of Tom:
“While Louisiana Democrats have faced a challenging political environment in the last decade, we have also realized successes, like when we elected John Bel Edwards governor in 2015. With Tom Perez as Chair, we are confident that we will continue to fight Republican overreach, stop policies that hurt working families, and narrow the Republican advantage in our legislature. Tom’s vision for the DNC and ours are the same -- a DNC that competes in every ZIP code and empowers Democrats from the local to the federal level. For this reason and others, we proudly endorse Tom for DNC chair.
“We believe Tom has the organizational acumen to rebuild our party. Tom has vowed to recruit experienced organizers, devise a strategy that supports Democratic parties in all 57 states and territories, and start a ‘Best Practices Institute’ at the DNC where states can learn from each other’s successes. Tom also understands the challenge of voter protection. He will build a fully staffed Voter Protection and Empowerment office at the DNC to play both offense and defense, stopping discriminatory laws that suppress voting while also expanding registration and voter education. As the Assistant Attorney General of the Civil Rights Division, Tom fought for criminal justice reform and the civil rights of our country. In these uncertain times, we believe Tom is best suited to move the Democratic Party forward and be its next leader.”

South Carolina DNC Members Endorse Tom Perez

Endorsement Comes Day After South Carolina Chair Jaime Harrison Announces Support for Perez

South Carolina DNC members Don Fowler, Kaye Koonce, Clay Middleton, and Carol Fowler today endorsed Tom Perez for DNC chair. The announcement comes less than 24 hours after Jaime Harrison pulled himself out of contention for DNC chair and threw his support squarely behind Tom. Jaime cited Tom's ability to bring bold progressive change and his commitment to rebuilding strong state parties.

This morning, Tom and Jaime stood together at a breakfast celebrating Black History Month, where they shared their belief in a Democratic Party that embodies the values of opportunity, inclusion, and inescapable web of mutuality that binds us as Americans. You can watch their remarks here.

In announcing their endorsement, the South Carolina DNC members released the following statement:

"We are so proud to join Jaime Harrison in standing with Tom Perez. We know that Tom is the leader we need to turn around the Democratic Party by building strong state parties in every region of the country and take the fight to Donald Trump and his rubber stamp Republicans every single day. We know this because we’ve seen Tom’s leadership firsthand in South Carolina.

"When Republicans passed a discriminatory voter ID law, Tom was the one who took them on. With Donald Trump in the White House and Jeff Sessions by his side, Tom Perez is the leader we need to fight back against their efforts to disenfranchise millions of Americans throughout the South and across the country.

"Simply put, we need a Democratic Party to be a bulwark against the disaster that is the Trump administration. We need a Democratic Party that invests in strong state parties and recruits organizers and candidates from school board to the Senate. We need a Democratic Party that speaks to Americans in every single ZIP Code. We need a leader who has gotten the job done before and who can get the job done now. We need Tom Perez as the next chair of the DNC."

Jaime Harrison Endorses Tom Perez for DNC Chair

Today, ahead of the DNC vote in Atlanta, Jaime Harrison endorsed Tom Perez citing that Tom can bring progressive change and is committed to helping state parties. Tom issued the statement statement below following Jaime's letter to DNC members, which is included in full below. 

"Every person who knows Jaime Harrison will say he is one of the smartest, most dedicated, and genuine leaders we know," said Tom Perez. "Simply put, he's one of a kind. Jaime's commitment to the party is like no other and I'm proud to have his support as we both work together to invest in state parties, turnaround the DNC, and get back to winning. Over the last year, from campaigning for Democrats in South Carolina to running our own campaigns for Chair, Jaime and I have grown close through our shared commitment to turning our party around through organizing and communicating our values of inclusion and opportunity.  I couldn't be prouder to have him by my side in this race for DNC chair.  If elected chair, I will work with Jaime and others who are running for chair to bring our party together because it will take every one of us to unite a party that is suffering from a crisis of confidence and relevance.  I hope you will join Jaime and I as we stand united to make the Democratic Party the strongest it has ever been."

Jamie Harrison sent the following email to DNC members:


My Fellow Democrats:

I decided to run for DNC Chair because we need to rebuild the Democratic Party in every community in America.  We need to transform our Party from just being a political organization looking for votes every two or four years and become a community organization working in our neighborhoods addressing day-to-day issues faced by middle and working class voters.  We have to rebuild every State Party so that we can compete in every state and territory.  We have to stop ignoring and start investing in building a long term strategy to win in red states like my beloved South Carolina. 

Last night's CNN debate presented a tremendous opportunity to make my case to the Democrats domestically and across the globe.  I am grateful for the overwhelmingly positive feedback from emails, calls, and tweets about the debate.  Nonetheless, this is an election where victory is secured by garnering 224 votes out of 447.  In a former job, I whipped votes for House Democrats.  I know what a path to victory looks like.  Despite strong performances at the debate and DNC regional forums, the votes are simply not there for me to secure victory on Saturday.  But this election is not about the individuals in the race; it is about unifying and rebuilding our Democratic Party.

Therefore, today, I am ending my campaign for DNC Chair, but I am more confident than ever that our Party will come back strong.  I am confident because I have seen tremendous progressive energy all across our country and the commitment of State Party leaders to channel this energy into winning elections.  I am confident because of the amazing Democratic talent running for various positions at the DNC, including a field of stellar candidates for DNC Chair.

In particular, I am confident because we have a candidate for DNC Chair who can unite the Democratic Party behind the goal of enacting progressive change, a candidate who can take the fight to Donald Trump and rebuild our Party infrastructure, and a candidate whom I, as a voting member of the DNC, am proud to support: Tom Perez.

Tom and I have dedicated our careers to helping people through public service.  Through hard work and perseverance, we have both lived the American Dream, and we are both committed to enacting the progressive policies that are needed for all Americans to have the opportunities that we had.  We both know that in the age of Trump and the rubber-stamp Republicans, the only way to enact the progressive change we need is to elect Democrats up and down the ballot.  We both know that to make this happen, our Party organization needs to be rebuilt from the grassroots up in every single ZIP Code, with all of our State Parties (including Territories and Democrats Abroad) playing a central role.  Tom will get this job done.

Tom Perez has brought integrity, passion, and tenacity to every job he’s ever had.  I have had a front-row seat to these qualities in the many debates and forums we have participated in.  These qualities are why Barack Obama and Joe Biden trusted him to spearhead an economic agenda that brought us out of the recession.  They are why Eric Holder trusted him to enforce our civil rights and voting rights laws so that everyone is treated equally under the law and has access to the ballot box.  And they are why I trust Tom to lead the Democratic turnaround as Chair of the DNC.

With so much at stake, our next Chair will lead the fight of a generation.  We must all fight side by side.  I’m standing by Tom Perez’s side, and I hope you will join me in doing the same.

If we stand together with Tom, we'll rebuild the Democratic Party, win up and down the ballot in every state across the country, and enact a 21st century progressive agenda.


Jaime Harrison


Women Chairs of DNC Groups Endorse Tom Perez

Four chairs of DNC caucuses and councils today announced their support for Tom Perez. Tom has long been a fighter for progressive causes and has a track record of building diverse teams where everyone is invited to the table. As DNC chair, Tom would do the same by creating an inclusive, transparent organization to support Democrats everywhere in the fights ahead.

Bel Leong-Hong, Chair of the DNC's Asian American and Pacific Islanders Caucus: 

"I have spent the past few months listening closely to candidates to find the leader of the DNC who can lead us to victory this entire cycle, one who has the strongest vision to build a diverse, inclusive DNC in the years to come. I believe I found that leader in Tom Perez.  I believe that Tom Perez is the best, most qualified candidate to do just that. Tom is committed to ensuring the DNC not only listens to diverse voices from all states and territories, but will include the diverse members of the DNC in rebuilding the organization and elect Democrats everywhere." 

Iris Martinez, Chair of the DNC's Hispanic Caucus:

"Tom's story is the American Dream, and he knows that the American Dream for so many is at stake with Donald Trump as our president. That is why he is running for chair. He knows that in order to fight back against Trump and Republicans, we must unite as Democrats.  He knows that we can't just organize at a church every 4th October, we must organize 12 months a year.  And he understands that diversity is our strength and that Latinos must have a seat at the table. Tom knows how to take on the big fights and win, and he's taken on these fights on behalf of progressives his entire life.  These are all the reasons why I'm supporting him.  Tom has what it takes to be our next chair and I'm proud to support him as the first Latino chair to lead the DNC."

Lottie Shackelford, Chair of the DNC's Women's Caucus: 

"Women are the heart and soul of the resistance against Donald Trump and his anti-woman administration, and we need a partner at the DNC. We need a partner who will ensure we have a strong voice within the party and the resources necessary to mobilize, organize, and win elections — from school boards to U.S. Senate. Tom Perez is that partner and I am proud to endorse his candidacy for DNC Chair."

Betty Richie, Chair of the DNC Rural Council and Secretary of the Women's Caucus:

"I've spent time with Tom Perez and what I've seen is that he is a man of integrity and someone who is truly committed to giving 100% to turning our party around.  Our party has abandoned rural areas for far too long and that was in part what cost us the elections. We need a DNC chair who is committed to listening to voters and communicating our message to both urban and rural areas, and Tom is committed to doing that.  I support Tom because his every zip code strategy is exactly what we need right now."

Opinion: Win or Lose, I Will Work to Unite the Democratic Party 

By Tom Perez for NBC News

From the start of our campaign for DNC chair, we've asked ourselves and our fellow Democrats a simple but fundamental question: How do we come together as a team to rebuild our party and fight Donald Trump? 

The Democratic party is a big and diverse tent. But my mentor Ted Kennedy often said, "What divides us pales in comparison to what unites us." As Democrats, we don't just share common views on issues - we are united by common values: inclusion, opportunity, justice, equality. 

But today those core values are under attack. Immigrants are being torn apart from their families. Workers' rights and women's rights are under siege. Millions are at risk of losing their health coverage. 

Across the country, Donald Trump and Republicans have targeted our most vulnerable communities and threatened to turn back the clock on decades of progress. 

We're the only line of defense they've got, and they're counting on us to succeed. Those struggling for opportunity want Democrats to fight for them, not against each other. 

Those living in the shadows want Democrats to stand up to the Republican agenda, not splinter off into competing silos. For these families, a united Democratic party isn't a luxury - it's a necessity. 

Those aren't just talking points. Over the last three months, my campaign has already begun forging that unity by bringing together people from all wings of our party. Our staff have worked for Senator Sanders, Secretary Clinton and President Obama, and we've earned support from people on all sides of last year's Democratic primary. 

In shaping an inclusive vision for our party, I've also traveled the country to hear directly from folks in every corner of our big tent. Earlier this month, I embarked on a rural listening tour through Wisconsin and Kansas to hear from voters about how we can earn back the trust of their communities. And on Monday night, I met with Democrats in Seattle — both supporters and non-supporters alike — to talk about how our party can join with young activists to be at the forefront of some of our toughest battles - from raising wages to cracking down on police misconduct. These conversations are necessary.

When it comes to building unity, this isn't my first rodeo. I decided to run my campaign the same way I've taken on challenges my whole career — by listening to people, bridging divisions and bringing everyone to the table. 

That's why I was President Obama's first call when he needed someone to resolve major disputes at Verizon and the West Coast Ports, and why I've worked with Democrats throughout the country to bring about progressive change. I've worked hand in hand with Elizabeth Warren to protect the retirement of millions of Americans. I've worked with Bernie Sanders to highlight companies that treat their workers fairly. And I've worked under President Obama to protect the right to vote, enforce our civil rights laws, and make economic opportunity a reality. 

So no matter who wins in Atlanta, my first priority will be to help unite our party around the values of inclusion and opportunity. And if I have the privilege of being elected chair, I promise to make sure everyone's voice is heard because I believe that everyone in this race has so much to offer when rebuilding our party. 

We can't afford to leave anyone on the sidelines; we need their ideas, their experience, and their energy to build the best party we can be. As chair, I'll facilitate the tough conversations we need to have about how to move our party forward, and I'll work each and every day to be a leader for all Democrats. 

If the party chooses one of the other great Democrats in this race, I will be as ready as ever to fight alongside them. In fact, I will join the next chair on a unity tour across the country, so we can begin building our team and fighting together to protect the values we all share. 

With so much at stake, there's nothing Donald Trump would love more than for Democrats to fall apart. We will not give him that satisfaction. What we will do is rally around our common values. Because a united Democratic team is both our best strategy and Donald Trump's worst nightmare. 

I've often said that this is a "where were you moment," and I'm ready to work with everyone to unite the Democratic team against Donald Trump and the Republican agenda. 

That's my commitment — win or lose. 

Tom Perez is the former Secretary of Labor under Pres. Barack Obama.

Florida Democrats Endorse Tom Perez

The Democratic Hispanic Caucus of Florida (DHCF) today announced the organization's endorsement of Tom Perez for DNC chair. In a separate announcement, Florida DNC member John Ramos, also personally endorsed Tom. Both statements are included below.

Statement of John Ramos, Florida DNC Member:

"I am proud to announce my personal support of Tom Perez for DNC chair to be the first latino leader to run the Democratic Party. I did my due diligence to listen to every candidate and hear their vision and plans for the DNC. Here in Florida we know all too well the ups and downs of elections in our state. In order for the Democratic Party to win again here and across the country, we need strong leadership at the top of the DNC. Tom is a proven coalition builder who will deliver an inclusive message of opportunity for everyday Americans and translate those progressive values into votes. I look forward to standing with him in Atlanta this weekend."





February 21, 2017 – The Democratic Hispanic Caucus of Florida (DHCF) has endorsed Tom Perez as DNC Chair.  His leadership experience as the former U.S. Secretary of Labor and Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights is needed to lead our Democratic Party.

"In speaking as the President of the Democratic Hispanic Caucus of Florida, the entire DHCF Executive Board has voted and is proud to support Mr. Perez as the first Latino DNC Chair.  Tom's perspective and powerful life story will be assets in the fight ahead, standing up to the Trump Administration and expanding our party's big tent.  In our experience, our party can only succeed when the stakeholders involved are as diverse as possible.  Tom will create an inclusive DNC and speak to everyone who shares our values of opportunity to get our party winning in Florida and across the country.

"We are assured, therefore, that the Democratic Party now requires the true values of inclusion and validate our full support to Tom Perez as Chairman of the DNC."


Florida Democratic Hispanic Caucus

John A. Ramos, DHCF President


Demócratas de Florida Democrats apoyan a Tom Pérez

El Caucus Hispano Demócrata de Florida (DHCF, por sus siglas en inglés) anunció hoy el apoyo de esta organización a Tom Perez para dirigir el DNC. En un anuncio separado, el miembro del Comité Nacional Demócrata por Florida, John Ramos, personalmente también apoyó a Pérez. Ambas declaraciones se encuentran a continuación.

Declaración de John Ramos, Miembro del DNC por Florida:

“Me enorgullece anunciar mi apoyo personal a Tom Pérez para presidente del DNC para ser el primer líder latino en dirigir al Partido Demócrata. Me tomé la tarea de escuchar a cada uno de los candidatos y sus planes para el DNC. En Florida conocemos bien los altos y bajos de las elecciones en nuestro estado y, para que el Partido Demócrata pueda ganar de nuevo aquí y en todo el país, necesitamos un liderazgo sólido en la cabeza del DNC. Tom es un constructor de coaliciones comprobado que dará un mensaje inclusivo para todas las personas y traducirá esos valores progresistas en votos. Espero ansioso estar a su lado en Atlanta este fin de semana.”



21 de Febrero, 2017 – El Caucus Hispano Demócrata de Florida (DHCF, por sus siglas en inglés) apoya a Tom Perez para dirigir el DNC. Su liderazgo y experiencia como ex-Secretario de Trabajo y Asistente en Derechos Civiles al Fiscal General de los Estados Unidos es necesario para liderar al Partido Demócrata. 

“Al hablar como el presidente del Caucus Hispano Demócrata de Florida, toda la Junta Ejecutiva del DHCF ha votado para apoyar al Sec. Pérez a ser el primer Latino en presidir el DNC. Su perspectiva y poderosa historia personal serán de gran beneficio en la lucha que tenemos por delante, estando de pié frente a la administración Trump y expandiendo nuestra organización. En nuestra experiencia, nuestro partido tiene éxito cuando quienes están involucrados son tan diversos como sea posible. Tom creará un DNC inclusivo y hablará a todos los que comparten nuestros valores de las oportunidades de hacer que nuestro partido gane de nuevo en Florida y en todo el país. 

“Estamos seguros de que lo que necesita ahora el Partido Demócrata son los valores de inclusión y validamos nuestro completo apoyo a Tom Pérez para presidir el DNC.”


Caucus Hispano Demócrata de Florida

John A. Ramos, Presidente

Former Congressman Tony Coelho Endorses Tom Perez

Former Congressman Tony Coelho today formally endorsed Tom Perez for DNC Chair ahead of the DNC Winter Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia this weekend. In his announcement, Coelho cited Tom's commitment to building a strong, inclusive organization that will get Democrats winning again. 

“I am thrilled to have Congressman Tony Coelho’s support," said Tom Perez. "The architect of the Americans with Disabilities Act has always been a fighter for everyday Americans, as well as someone who hasn’t let anything hold him back in life. I know I will need his knowledge and expertise if I am given the privilege of serving as DNC chair on how to support Democrats from the local to the federal level, protect President Obama’s accomplishments, and fight for progressive values.”

Statement of Congressman Tony Coelho, DNC Member At-Large and Chair of the DNC Disability Council

“Democrats have always fought for inclusion and opportunity, but in recent years we have failed to translate our values into votes. In the race for leadership of the Democratic Party, we are blessed with some impressive candidates, but one stands out as a longtime champion of working families and people with disabilities: Tom Perez. Over the many years in which I’ve known Tom, I have seen him take on fight after fight on behalf of vulnerable Americans and win. At the Justice Department, Tom enforced the Olmstead decision that kept Americans with disabilities from being unnecessarily institutionalized; at the Labor Department, he supported the millions of workers with disabilities putting more people on a pathway to the middle class. 

“I’ve been consistently impressed with how Tom has run his campaign with a positive, inclusive message of opportunity for all Americans. For example, at the DNC, he would provide training to help members with disabilities become more active and run for office and would better ensure that all people, regardless of disability, can easily attend and participate in party activities.

“As current chair of the DNC’s disability caucus and as former chairman of Vice President Al Gore’s presidential campaign and the DCCC, I know that Tom has the messaging and organizational expertise we need. Our party sorely needs him and I am proud to endorse Tom as the next DNC chair.”

Boilermakers International Endorses Tom Perez

The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers (IBB) today endorsed Tom Perez for DNC chair, becoming the sixth AFL-CIO affiliate to do so. Boilermakers International President Newtown B. Jones cited Tom's unique ability to rebuild the party and jump start a new direction for Democrats. 

This endorsement arrives just days before Democrats descend in Atlanta to elect a new DNC chair. The Boilermakers International join five AFL-CIO affiliates, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU), and the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America in endorsing Tom based on his record of delivering results for working people across the nation. The full IBB endorsement is included below.


Boilermakers International President Newton B. Jones issues statement endorsing Tom Perez for Chairman of the Democratic Party

KANSAS CITY, KS, Feb. 20, 2017 — Newton B. Jones, President of the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers, AFL-CIO/CLC, today issued the following statement supporting the candidacy of Tom Perez for Chairman of the Democratic Party. 

The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers, AFL-CIO/CLC supports Tom Perez for Chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

The 2016 election made clear the need for new leadership and a new direction for the Democratic Party. Too many American workers, both union and nonunion, believed their concerns were not heard. The priority for these voters was, and always will be, jobs. Unfortunately, the Democratic Party failed to deliver a coherent and positive message that addressed job creation and job security.

Tom Perez has a unique opportunity to rebuild the party that, historically, has had a strong tradition of supporting the American middle class. As Secretary of Labor, he fought hard to ensure safe working conditions, to protect the rights of workers to join unions and collectively bargain, and to enforce the nation’s wage and hour laws. His tenure at DOL demonstrated a true understanding of the problems that working men and women face every day.

We feel confident that Tom Perez, with his many years of public service at the Department of Justice and at the Department of Labor, will bring the right mix of leadership, values and vision as well as the administrative skills necessary to reconnect the Democratic Party with middle-class Americans, who deserve a strong voice both in the workplace and in the political arena.

The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers, AFL-CIO/CLC is a diverse union representing workers throughout the United States and Canada. Boilermakers are employed in field construction, shipbuilding, manufacturing, railroads, cement, mining, and related industries.


ILWU International President Robert McEllrath Endorses Tom Perez for DNC Chair

Today, Robert McEllrath, International President of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU), endorses Tom Perez for DNC chair citing that he is a skilled problem solver and his commitment to working families.  McEllrath joins a broad group of labor leaders and unions who support Tom Perez, including the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers (BAC), the United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry (UA), the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, the International Association of Fire Fighters, the United Food and Commercial Workers, and the United Farm Workers.  

“The next DNC chair needs to put the concerns of working families first, and my personal experience with Tom Perez showed me that he is a skilled problem solver who is committed to America’s working families,” said ILWU International President Robert McEllrath. “Tom Perez helped the ILWU at a critical time in our negotiations, and working with him gave me the opportunity to see firsthand that he is hardworking, trustworthy, and a straight shooter – all qualities I admire. I maintain the utmost respect for all of the other progressives who have stepped up to run for DNC Chair, especially Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota. But my personal experience seeing Tom Perez work hard to solve problems for my union’s membership is what makes this the right decision for me.”

“I’m honored to have the support of Bob McEllrath, someone who has spent decades fighting for workers and working families,” said Tom Perez.  “Bob and I worked hand in hand throughout the years and during the West Coast ports dispute to reach a conclusion that was fair to both sides. I’m proud to have him by my side as we work together to unite the party, communicate our values of economic opportunity, and fight for progressive causes across the country.”

Tom Perez Statement on Trump's Deportation Force

Following the Associated Press' reporting that the Trump Administration is considering sending National Guard troops to "round up undocumented immigrants," Tom Perez issued this statement: 

"Donald Trump's deportation force is inhumane and against American values.  Instead of deploying 100,000 troops on American soil to pick up children outside of schools, round up abuelita and abuelito, and tear apart innocent families, Donald Trump should look within his own White House for the actual threats to our nation.

"Even the suggestion that President Trump may use our National Guard to round up families stokes fear and rips apart the fabric of our nation - a nation of immigrants. These are innocent families who want nothing more than a better life and the freedoms that our country offers. These are children who only know America as their home. These are parents who fear every day that they will be deported from their children. We can't and won't stand for Trump's bigotry towards immigrants and the Latino community. We will continue to organize, we will continue to march, and we will make our voices heard. Donald Trump, you cannot silence us."


Tom Perez on Andy Puzder: Another Failure of this Presidency

Tom Perez, candidate for DNC chair and former Secretary of Labor, held a call today to discuss Andrew Puzder pulling his nomination. Tom called the news, "another failure of this presidency" and blasted the Trump Administration for three weeks of chaos that has put America's national security and economic security in jeopardy. 

Highlights from the call are included below and the full audio recording is attached.

“I understand that he got out because...he’s ‘tired of the abuse.’ I’ll tell you who’s tired of the abuse from Mr. Puzder is the American workers. And when you call your workers the ‘the worst of the worst,’ that’s no way to earn or command respect.”

“[President Trump's] nominees have received less vetting than the refugees under his Muslim ban. And I expect this will be the same for the next Labor Secretary nominee. We can’t afford this 'ready -- fire -- aim' method of governance.”

“I think the main lesson of this is we need to keep fighting for our values. We need to keep sending the very clear signal that Mr. President, when you continue to put our nation in harm’s way, when you continue to put our economy in harm’s way, when you continue to fill ‘the swamp’ with more Wall Street cronies -- you’ve got more billionaires than you have people of color in the Cabinet. When you keep doing things that are making it harder for people to make ends meet, we’re going to keep fighting like hell.”

“When you have the likes of Flynn and in the Situation Room, that scares the hell out of me because they’re unhinged and what I admired about President Obama every single day that I worked with him is that he was a steady hand. And what I observe about this administration with every single day is that they are loose cannons. And a chaos cabinet and a chaos presidency is no way to run the United States of America.”


And in case you missed it, here are Tom's recent comments on the nomination. 

[VIDEO] Tom Perez on Smerconish

CNN, 02/11/2017

"I think he is unfit for the office, and here's why: The Labor Department is about protecting workers. It's about lifting their wages. He's a plaintiff in the lawsuit seeking to strike down a very important rule we did that's helping millions of Americans get access to overtime. When you work overtime, you should be paid overtime."

Q & A: Tom Perez Makes His Case

The American Prospect, Justin Miller, 02/15/2017

Trump’s labor secretary nominee, Andrew Puzder, has his confirmation hearing on Thursday. Is there anything he could say in that hearing that would convince you he’s a worthy candidate to lead the Labor Department?

"I have a one and a two-word answer to that question. My one word answer would be no. My two-word answer would be hell no.

"You judge people by their words and their actions. And I think his actions have demonstrated that he’s unfit for the job. I must admit, he’s very familiar with the Department of Labor, but his familiarity is borne out of the fact that his company was a frequent flyer in wage and hour investigations. That’s not the type of experience you want for your nominee to head up the agency. We talk about lifting up wages—he helped to lead the effort to sue the Department of Labor when we tried to make sure that when people worked overtime, they got paid overtime. The mission of the department is to help workers. He referred to his own workers as the worst of the worst. You ought to be the moral authority when you’re the Labor Department head and he’s already demonstrated a fairly callous disregard for the law in his own practices. That used to be disqualifying, until the efforts of this administration to normalize ethical lapses, to normalize alternative facts, and we can’t allow that to happen."