Tom Perez Responds to Governor McCrory’s Actions to Undermine Our Democracy

Tom Perez, candidate for DNC Chair, released the following statement on Governor Pat McCrory’s actions to strip powers from Governor-Elect Cooper:

 "The disturbing action taken by Governor Pat McCrory and North Carolina Republicans to rewrite the foundations of government for their own benefit is a finger on the scale that amounts to an assault on American democracy. 

 “Governor McCrory is both a model of what is wrong with today’s Republican Party and the rigged system they're fighting tooth and nail to uphold. Governor McCrory signed legislation to suppress the vote, discriminate against the LGBTQ community, and now, after voters have rejected his divisive and discriminatory actions, he's signed a law to curtail the power of his successor.

 “That type of activity may be standard practice in autocracies like Russia, but it has no place in America. That may be why the Trump transition is saying that McCrory will ‘definitely’ get a job in his Administration. 

 “As Democrats, it is our duty to stand up and fight actions like this."