Four Democratic Governors Endorse Tom Perez

The governors of Colorado, Louisiana, Rhode Island, and Virginia today announced their endorsements of Tom Perez to be the next Chair of the Democratic National Committee, citing his track record of standing up for progressive values and making real change happen at the local, state, and national levels.

Tom is committed to getting back to basics and ensuring the DNC excels at grassroots organizing, invests in year-round support for state parties, bolsters efforts to protect the right to vote, and builds a Best Practices Institute to share solutions to our common challenges in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, 5 territories, and Democrats Abroad. That's why Tom has focused his campaign on building support amongst Governors, State Democratic Chairs, and their DNC members, while continuing to engage the grassroots constituencies that are a critical component of the future of the party.

"I am honored to gain the support from governors representing geographically diverse states that will play a key role in strengthening our party in the years ahead," said Tom Perez. "This announcement is indicative of the grassroots focus of my campaign as we continue to work with state and local leaders to unite our party. I look forward to gaining the support of more governors, state party chairs, DNC voting members, and constituents alike as we chart a progressive future together."

This announcement comes on the heels of endorsements from the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, the United Farm Workers, and the International Association of Fire Fighters.

Statement from Governor John Hickenlooper, Colorado

“Tom Perez is the DNC Chair progressives need. Here in Colorado, we're lucky our state was a bright spot in November, but if we want to win across the nation, we need a leader who will understand our needs and who can speak to every Democrat in our party.

"I know Tom personally. I've worked with him on some of the toughest issues that matter to us most as progressives. As the head of the Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice, Tom worked with us to help reform Denver's police department. As Secretary of Labor, he partnered with us to help Colorado workers succeed and level the playing field in our state.

"I can tell you firsthand that Tom's work has made an actual difference in the lives of countless Americans. I've watched him lead large, complex organizations to success, and I know he will do the same at the DNC. Tom is an organizer, a progressive, and someone who delivers results, and that's why I'm endorsing him for DNC Chair.”

Statement from Governor John Bel Edwards, Louisiana

"As someone who cares about the future of the Democratic Party, I am confident that Tom Perez is the most qualified candidate to lead the DNC. Tom’s unmatched work ethic and passion for the values that empower the middle class and give our kids every opportunity to succeed will be an invaluable asset to our party. The election for DNC chair has never been more important. We have a clear choice in Tom Perez, who has a proven track record of winning for the working men and women of this country. From fights to increase in the minimum wage, to ensuring equal pay for women, and for Louisiana in particular, ensuring that the 365,000 working people who’ve obtained health insurance through the Medicaid Expansion don’t lose their coverage, Tom has the ability to talk with and listen to leaders in our party from all 50 states – whether they are from the Southern states to the northeast corridor of our country. I am proud to support his candidacy for DNC chair for 2017."

Statement from Governor Gina Raimondo, Rhode Island

"We cannot let the result of one election knock us down. Now more than ever, we need a DNC chair with a proven track record of success in the fight to increase wages and provide a level playing field for all Americans. Tom Perez has spent his entire career in public service working to break down barriers and create opportunity for everyone.

"Tom will fight for the principles of tolerance and acceptance that make our country great, and ensure we never lose sight of all that is at stake. He has the determination, management skills and progressive values that speak to the diverse coalition of our party.

"We need someone who will stand with leaders across the country to protect working families and prevent policies that stoke division and fear or make anyone feel like they don't matter because of their gender, race, sexual orientation or religion. I've had the privilege to work side by side with Tom, so I know from personal experience that he is the real deal, and exactly what we need in our next DNC chair."

Statement from Governor Terry McAuliffe, Virginia

“As the Governor of a swing state and a former Chair of the Democratic National Committee, I understand both the complexity of the organization and its importance to regaining control of not only the White House, but the House, Senate and governors mansions across the nation.

"I have a strong working and personal relationship with Tom Perez. He has been a great supporter of our region throughout his career in public service. At my invitation he was the featured speaker this year at the Virginia Jefferson-Jackson dinner. Tom has a track record of accomplishments as long as it is impressive. He’s not only an organizer, but a progressive that gets real results. There’s no question that he’s the best candidate in the race to protect President Obama’s accomplishments and position the party for the future.”