Statement from Tom Perez on NARAL President Ilyse Hogue’s Lifelong Record of Championing Women and Progressive Values

Following Ilyse Hogue’s announcement today that she will not join the race for DNC Chair, Tom Perez issued a statement praising Hogue's lifelong record of fighting for progressive values and her vision for an inclusive Democratic Party:
“Ilyse Hogue has spent a lifetime fighting for the progressive values we as Democrats believe in. She is a champion for women's rights and has moved the ball forward not just for the members of NARAL and the women they fight for, but also for all Americans. Although she will not be a candidate for chair, Illyse has already added much to our conversation as we select the next leader of our party. She is right that we need 'to build an inclusive, durable, fifty-state electoral infrastructure to support not just one candidate or constituency in the next election cycle, but all democratic-minded people for years to come.'

"I look forward to continuing my conversations with her and the entire DNC membership in the days and weeks ahead in order to unite the party and build a Democratic Party every Democrat – and every American – deserves."