Tom Perez Statement Welcoming Jehmu Greene to DNC Chair Race

Following Jehmu Greene's announcement that she will join the race for DNC chair, Tom Perez released the following statement:

"As we arrive in Phoenix for the first DNC Future Forum, I am happy to welcome Jehmu Greene to the race for DNC chair. Her voice is a great addition to the vibrant discussion among family about the future of the Democratic Party. We are at a fork in the road as a party and as a nation, and I believe Democrats need a leader who embraces the future of our party, inspires people, grows our broad tent, and speaks to the values and concerns of the voters we need to win. And we need a chair with the leadership and turnaround experience to improve the DNC, protect the progress we've made and keep us moving forward. I look forward to sharing my vision of a DNC for every Democrat in the days and weeks to come."