Tom Perez on House Republicans: What are they hiding?

With the news that House Republicans secretly voted to dismantle the congressional ethics office, Tom Perez released the following statement:

"House Republicans are counting on Donald Trump's continual sideshow to distract the American people from their own abuse of power for personal gain. Instead of putting forth measures to improve the lives of American families, House Republicans chose to insulate themselves from accountability as the first item on their agenda for the new Congress. This is part of the Republican playbook and further proof that they care more about protecting their special interests than they do about families across the country.  It is proof that they held their nose and supported a man for president who mocks and disavows every value we hold dear, and now that they've made a mockery of the American presidency, they will continue to dismantle the institutions that hold them accountable. This is just the beginning and we won't stand for it.

"We must call them out and demand that they tell the American people why they dismantled this independent board through a secret vote. What are they hiding? We deserve to know."