Tom Perez Statement on U.S. DOJ's Announcement

Following the letter from Acting Attorney General Sally Yates to Justice Department staff stating she will not defend President Donald Trump's shameful immigration ban, Tom Perez issued this statement: 

"For nearly three decades, Acting Attorney General Sally Yates has served Presidents of both parties, defending the Constitution and holding terrorists and other criminals accountable. Acting Attorney General Yates’s record is simply beyond reproach – that’s why she was confirmed with strong bi-partisan support.

"The fact is that Acting Attorney General Yates, and every law enforcement official and credible attorney, knows Trump’s Muslim ban is illegal. The Acting Attorney General is standing up to this dangerous executive order that goes against everything we stand for as a country and only puts more American lives at risk. We’re fortunate to have such dedicated public servants across the federal government who are committed to doing the right thing. 

"Her independence and commitment to upholding the Constitution is exactly what our country lacks if the Senate confirms Sen. Jeff Sessions. We’ve got to fight like hell to prevent that from happening."