​ Former Vice President Joe Biden Endorses Tom Perez for DNC Chair

Former Vice President Joe Biden today announced his endorsement of Tom Perez for DNC Chair. Tom Perez also issued a statement in response to the major endorsement.

Statement of former Vice President Joe Biden Endorsing Tom Perez for DNC Chair:

"I’ve known Tom Perez for a long time. He’s a man of integrity and vision. And he knows what it means to be a Democrat—that we are a party that fights for economic fairness for working families and believes that everyone is entitled to be treated with dignity, regardless of who they are, where they come from, or who they love.

"And with Tom, it’s personal, as it’s always been for me. He’s never forgotten where he comes from and he’s anchored by a fundamental optimism in our country and the belief that ordinary people can do extraordinary things if given just a fair chance.

"I’ve seen it the last eight years as he served as the nation’s top civil rights lawyer and as our Secretary of Labor. He’s stood up for workers, immigrants, and Americans living with disabilities. He’s fought for fair housing and protected the sacred right to vote. We’ve partnered together to help folks get the skills they need for good-paying, middle-class jobs. Most of all—Tom knows how to talk to people, not down to them. He knows how to explain why our party’s core beliefs matter to the immigrant family in Arizona and the coal miner in West Virginia. That matters.

"We have a lot of good people vying for this important job. But I do think for this moment and in this time, Tom Perez is our best bet to help bring the party back. I’ve watched him work. I think I know his heart. That’s why I endorse him as the next Chairman of the DNC."

Statement of Tom Perez:

"I am honored to have the support of former Vice President Joe Biden, a personal hero of mine who has made expanding opportunity his life's work. Whether it's because of his work helping Americans living in the shadows, his relentless support for the middle class, or his tireless efforts advancing progressive fights and raising money for state parties, Biden is the pride of the Democratic Party.

"Working alongside Biden was one of the great honors of my career. I was able to witness first hand his tenacity in fighting for what is right. And today I am proud to have my friend, Biden as a partner in on ongoing fight to turn around the Democratic Party. 

"Rebuilding the DNC from the ground up will require resources and time, and no one has given more of both to strengthen state parties than Biden. His commitment to the grassroots of our party is evident. He understand their needs and knows the urgency of increasing local investment to get our party winning again."