Tom Perez on Andy Puzder: Another Failure of this Presidency

Tom Perez, candidate for DNC chair and former Secretary of Labor, held a call today to discuss Andrew Puzder pulling his nomination. Tom called the news, "another failure of this presidency" and blasted the Trump Administration for three weeks of chaos that has put America's national security and economic security in jeopardy. 

Highlights from the call are included below and the full audio recording is attached.

“I understand that he got out because...he’s ‘tired of the abuse.’ I’ll tell you who’s tired of the abuse from Mr. Puzder is the American workers. And when you call your workers the ‘the worst of the worst,’ that’s no way to earn or command respect.”

“[President Trump's] nominees have received less vetting than the refugees under his Muslim ban. And I expect this will be the same for the next Labor Secretary nominee. We can’t afford this 'ready -- fire -- aim' method of governance.”

“I think the main lesson of this is we need to keep fighting for our values. We need to keep sending the very clear signal that Mr. President, when you continue to put our nation in harm’s way, when you continue to put our economy in harm’s way, when you continue to fill ‘the swamp’ with more Wall Street cronies -- you’ve got more billionaires than you have people of color in the Cabinet. When you keep doing things that are making it harder for people to make ends meet, we’re going to keep fighting like hell.”

“When you have the likes of Flynn and in the Situation Room, that scares the hell out of me because they’re unhinged and what I admired about President Obama every single day that I worked with him is that he was a steady hand. And what I observe about this administration with every single day is that they are loose cannons. And a chaos cabinet and a chaos presidency is no way to run the United States of America.”


And in case you missed it, here are Tom's recent comments on the nomination. 

[VIDEO] Tom Perez on Smerconish

CNN, 02/11/2017

"I think he is unfit for the office, and here's why: The Labor Department is about protecting workers. It's about lifting their wages. He's a plaintiff in the lawsuit seeking to strike down a very important rule we did that's helping millions of Americans get access to overtime. When you work overtime, you should be paid overtime."

Q & A: Tom Perez Makes His Case

The American Prospect, Justin Miller, 02/15/2017

Trump’s labor secretary nominee, Andrew Puzder, has his confirmation hearing on Thursday. Is there anything he could say in that hearing that would convince you he’s a worthy candidate to lead the Labor Department?

"I have a one and a two-word answer to that question. My one word answer would be no. My two-word answer would be hell no.

"You judge people by their words and their actions. And I think his actions have demonstrated that he’s unfit for the job. I must admit, he’s very familiar with the Department of Labor, but his familiarity is borne out of the fact that his company was a frequent flyer in wage and hour investigations. That’s not the type of experience you want for your nominee to head up the agency. We talk about lifting up wages—he helped to lead the effort to sue the Department of Labor when we tried to make sure that when people worked overtime, they got paid overtime. The mission of the department is to help workers. He referred to his own workers as the worst of the worst. You ought to be the moral authority when you’re the Labor Department head and he’s already demonstrated a fairly callous disregard for the law in his own practices. That used to be disqualifying, until the efforts of this administration to normalize ethical lapses, to normalize alternative facts, and we can’t allow that to happen."