Tom Perez Statement on Trump's Deportation Force

Following the Associated Press' reporting that the Trump Administration is considering sending National Guard troops to "round up undocumented immigrants," Tom Perez issued this statement: 

"Donald Trump's deportation force is inhumane and against American values.  Instead of deploying 100,000 troops on American soil to pick up children outside of schools, round up abuelita and abuelito, and tear apart innocent families, Donald Trump should look within his own White House for the actual threats to our nation.

"Even the suggestion that President Trump may use our National Guard to round up families stokes fear and rips apart the fabric of our nation - a nation of immigrants. These are innocent families who want nothing more than a better life and the freedoms that our country offers. These are children who only know America as their home. These are parents who fear every day that they will be deported from their children. We can't and won't stand for Trump's bigotry towards immigrants and the Latino community. We will continue to organize, we will continue to march, and we will make our voices heard. Donald Trump, you cannot silence us."