Former Congressman Tony Coelho Endorses Tom Perez

Former Congressman Tony Coelho today formally endorsed Tom Perez for DNC Chair ahead of the DNC Winter Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia this weekend. In his announcement, Coelho cited Tom's commitment to building a strong, inclusive organization that will get Democrats winning again. 

“I am thrilled to have Congressman Tony Coelho’s support," said Tom Perez. "The architect of the Americans with Disabilities Act has always been a fighter for everyday Americans, as well as someone who hasn’t let anything hold him back in life. I know I will need his knowledge and expertise if I am given the privilege of serving as DNC chair on how to support Democrats from the local to the federal level, protect President Obama’s accomplishments, and fight for progressive values.”

Statement of Congressman Tony Coelho, DNC Member At-Large and Chair of the DNC Disability Council

“Democrats have always fought for inclusion and opportunity, but in recent years we have failed to translate our values into votes. In the race for leadership of the Democratic Party, we are blessed with some impressive candidates, but one stands out as a longtime champion of working families and people with disabilities: Tom Perez. Over the many years in which I’ve known Tom, I have seen him take on fight after fight on behalf of vulnerable Americans and win. At the Justice Department, Tom enforced the Olmstead decision that kept Americans with disabilities from being unnecessarily institutionalized; at the Labor Department, he supported the millions of workers with disabilities putting more people on a pathway to the middle class. 

“I’ve been consistently impressed with how Tom has run his campaign with a positive, inclusive message of opportunity for all Americans. For example, at the DNC, he would provide training to help members with disabilities become more active and run for office and would better ensure that all people, regardless of disability, can easily attend and participate in party activities.

“As current chair of the DNC’s disability caucus and as former chairman of Vice President Al Gore’s presidential campaign and the DCCC, I know that Tom has the messaging and organizational expertise we need. Our party sorely needs him and I am proud to endorse Tom as the next DNC chair.”