Women Chairs of DNC Groups Endorse Tom Perez

Four chairs of DNC caucuses and councils today announced their support for Tom Perez. Tom has long been a fighter for progressive causes and has a track record of building diverse teams where everyone is invited to the table. As DNC chair, Tom would do the same by creating an inclusive, transparent organization to support Democrats everywhere in the fights ahead.

Bel Leong-Hong, Chair of the DNC's Asian American and Pacific Islanders Caucus: 

"I have spent the past few months listening closely to candidates to find the leader of the DNC who can lead us to victory this entire cycle, one who has the strongest vision to build a diverse, inclusive DNC in the years to come. I believe I found that leader in Tom Perez.  I believe that Tom Perez is the best, most qualified candidate to do just that. Tom is committed to ensuring the DNC not only listens to diverse voices from all states and territories, but will include the diverse members of the DNC in rebuilding the organization and elect Democrats everywhere." 

Iris Martinez, Chair of the DNC's Hispanic Caucus:

"Tom's story is the American Dream, and he knows that the American Dream for so many is at stake with Donald Trump as our president. That is why he is running for chair. He knows that in order to fight back against Trump and Republicans, we must unite as Democrats.  He knows that we can't just organize at a church every 4th October, we must organize 12 months a year.  And he understands that diversity is our strength and that Latinos must have a seat at the table. Tom knows how to take on the big fights and win, and he's taken on these fights on behalf of progressives his entire life.  These are all the reasons why I'm supporting him.  Tom has what it takes to be our next chair and I'm proud to support him as the first Latino chair to lead the DNC."

Lottie Shackelford, Chair of the DNC's Women's Caucus: 

"Women are the heart and soul of the resistance against Donald Trump and his anti-woman administration, and we need a partner at the DNC. We need a partner who will ensure we have a strong voice within the party and the resources necessary to mobilize, organize, and win elections — from school boards to U.S. Senate. Tom Perez is that partner and I am proud to endorse his candidacy for DNC Chair."

Betty Richie, Chair of the DNC Rural Council and Secretary of the Women's Caucus:

"I've spent time with Tom Perez and what I've seen is that he is a man of integrity and someone who is truly committed to giving 100% to turning our party around.  Our party has abandoned rural areas for far too long and that was in part what cost us the elections. We need a DNC chair who is committed to listening to voters and communicating our message to both urban and rural areas, and Tom is committed to doing that.  I support Tom because his every zip code strategy is exactly what we need right now."