DNC Member and Mexican American Legislative Caucus Chairman of Texas Rafael Anchia Endorses Tom Perez

A day before the election for DNC Chair, Texas DNC Member and Mexican American Legislative Caucus Chairman Rafael Anchia announced his endorsement of Tom Perez. Representative Anchia joins fellow Texans including Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa, Congressman Filemon Vela (D-TX34), and Chair of the Rural Caucus Betty Richie in endorsing Tom for DNC Chair.

Statement of Rafael Anchia, DNC Member and Texas Mexican American Caucus Chairman:

“The DNC Chair election is not only about who is going to rebuild the Democratic Party, but also about who will lead us into the future.  Tom has a proven record as a fighter and a change agent, and that is what we need in this critical time.  Tom fought alongside the Mexican American Legislative Caucus in Texas when Republicans tried to push their discriminatory photo ID laws which sought to prevent the poor and communities of color from voting.”

“I am proud that Tom would be the first Latino leader of our party.  And as the sons of immigrants, both Tom and I know the importance rebuilding that infrastructure of opportunity that has helped prior generations achieve the American Dream.  Tom is committed to make Democrats competitive in all states — including Texas – by helping us keep money at home to invest in the candidates that will win in 2018.”