Full Delegations from Kentucky, Mississippi Join Wave of Endorsements

Ahead of the Vote, Endorsements from Delegations, Leaders Rolled In

As the hours until the DNC vote continue to wane, the full delegations from Kentucky and Mississippi committed their votes to Tom Perez. The DNC members in these states join others from states and territories including Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and more  that have previously announced their endorsements of Tom for DNC chair.

Tom Perez continues to build momentum ahead of tomorrow's vote for DNC chair, with more than 15 endorsements from key Democratic stakeholders and activists. Tom continues to fight for every vote and share his vision for a DNC for every Democrat. Tom is uniquely qualified to speak to our party's big tent, take the fight to Trump, and be a turnaround artist for the DNC. In the hours that remain before Saturday’s vote, Tom will continue to fight for the support of every DNC voting member and share his vision for the Democratic Party: one laser focused on the issues that keep families up at night. Here’s a look back at the past week at Team Tom.

Endorsements from this past week:


More support for Tom:

Put Working Families First: U.S. News & World Report, Mark Perrone, 02/24/17: "The success of the Democratic Party will come down to its ability to do one thing: put hard-working families first. By electing former Labor Secretary Tom Perez as chairman of the Democratic National Committee this weekend in Atlanta, they'll have the best chance to do just that... UFCW members and hard-working people want leaders who will put their interests first, and to build a more progressive America with real ideas, proposals and action."

A Party You Can Rely On: U.S. News & World Report, Kathleen Sebelius, 02/24/17: “For too long, our party leaders have ignored voters in the rural expanses of Kansas and other states like it, and our party and its candidates at all levels have been put at a disadvantage because of it. Tom Perez is committed to changing that, which is why I'm pleased to endorse him for DNC chair. Tom came to Kansas earlier this month to meet with state and county party leaders from around Kansas, and he told them that as party chair he'd change the culture that has left rural Americans feeling ignored or disrespected by the Democratic Party. He came to Kansas to say that he will build a party that reaches not just voters in urban areas every fourth October, but one that is organized and consistently reaches voters everywhere – in red states and blue states, in major cities, suburban areas and rural communities. He'll build a party focused on a compelling message of economic empowerment. He'll build a party that Kansans can rely upon.”

Tom Perez embodies the Democratic Party. This is why he should lead it: Cristobal Alex, President of the Latino Victory Fund, 2/24/17:  “...in this desperate time we need a leader of the Democratic Party who can unify, rebuild and fight against Trump. We need a progressive who knows how to organize, successfully manage large institutions, and importantly, ensure that President Trump serves only one term. That person is Tom Perez...Tom knows that we need to get back to the American values that the Democratic Party stands for: economic opportunity, good paying jobs, immigration reform that brings our families out of the shadows so that we are full participants in our economy and democracy. Those American values offer us a future where our environment is clean and safe, which we can leave to future generations. That’s our America, and we need to champion to defend it and fight for it.”

Opinion: Win or Lose, I Will Work to Unite the Democratic Party: NBC News, Tom Perez, 02/21/17: “...no matter who wins in Atlanta, my first priority will be to help unite our party around the values of inclusion and opportunity. And if I have the privilege of being elected chair, I promise to make sure everyone's voice is heard because I believe that everyone in this race has so much to offer when rebuilding our party. We can't afford to leave anyone on the sidelines; we need their ideas, their experience, and their energy to build the best party we can be. As chair, I'll facilitate the tough conversations we need to have about how to move our party forward, and I'll work each and every day to be a leader for all Democrats.”