Iowa and Puerto Rico Delegations Endorse Tom Perez, Citing his 57-State Organizing Strategy

A day after Jaime Harrison endorsed Tom Perez for DNC chair, and following the support of Louisiana and South Carolina Delegations, the full Delegations of Iowa and Puerto Rico to the DNC are endorsing Tom Perez for DNC chair.  The delegations released the following statements in support of Tom. Both states cited Tom's commitment to a 57-state strategy and track record of managing complicated organizations. 

Statement from the Iowa Delegation to the DNC:

“Iowa Democrats know that, following a year in which a Republican presidential candidate won Iowa for the first time in a decade, we need a leader who is ready on Day 1 to rebuild our party and make sure Democrats competes in every ZIP code. Our delegation believes that Tom Perez is the best candidate to take on that responsibility - and get our party winning again.  He has a proven record of turning around struggling organizations, whether it was the Civil Rights Division of a Justice Department decimated by years of Bush Administration neglect or a Labor Department rated the second worst place to work in the federal government.  The Justice Department got back to the business of protecting Americans' rights and the Labor Department became the cornerstone of President Obama's economic opportunity agenda.  We need this sort of turnaround artist at the DNC to combat the disastrous Republican policies in our state, like so-called 'right to work', by electing more Democrats up and down the ballot.  We are proud to endorse him as our next DNC chair.”

Statement from the Puerto Rico Delegation to the DNC:

“The Puerto Rico delegation to the Democratic National Committee is pleased to support Tom Perez for Chair of the Democratic National Committee.  Tom has been a tireless advocate for voting rights and civil rights for all Americans and will be a great leader for protecting the right to vote for all Americans where they live.  It is more important now than ever before that all Democrats raise our voices to make sure we build up the Democratic Party to face the challenges ahead.  Tom has the experience and determination to rebuild the Democratic Party with a strategy that reaches every corner of the country.   We believe Tom will be a great leader to move the Democratic Party forward and we are pleased to announce our endorsement for him as the next leader of the Democratic National Committee.”