Louisiana Delegation and Governor John Bel Edwards Endorse Tom Perez for DNC Chair

On the same day that Jaime Harrison endorsed Tom Perez for DNC chair, the full Louisiana DNC delegation joined Governor John Bel Edwards in throwing their support behind Tom Perez, including Senator Karen Carter Peterson, Deborah Langhoff, Michael McHale, Orleans Parish Clerk Arthur Morrell, and Terrebonne Parish Councilwoman Arlanda Williams. The delegation and the Governor released the following statement in support of Tom:
“While Louisiana Democrats have faced a challenging political environment in the last decade, we have also realized successes, like when we elected John Bel Edwards governor in 2015. With Tom Perez as Chair, we are confident that we will continue to fight Republican overreach, stop policies that hurt working families, and narrow the Republican advantage in our legislature. Tom’s vision for the DNC and ours are the same -- a DNC that competes in every ZIP code and empowers Democrats from the local to the federal level. For this reason and others, we proudly endorse Tom for DNC chair.
“We believe Tom has the organizational acumen to rebuild our party. Tom has vowed to recruit experienced organizers, devise a strategy that supports Democratic parties in all 57 states and territories, and start a ‘Best Practices Institute’ at the DNC where states can learn from each other’s successes. Tom also understands the challenge of voter protection. He will build a fully staffed Voter Protection and Empowerment office at the DNC to play both offense and defense, stopping discriminatory laws that suppress voting while also expanding registration and voter education. As the Assistant Attorney General of the Civil Rights Division, Tom fought for criminal justice reform and the civil rights of our country. In these uncertain times, we believe Tom is best suited to move the Democratic Party forward and be its next leader.”