South Carolina DNC Members Endorse Tom Perez

Endorsement Comes Day After South Carolina Chair Jaime Harrison Announces Support for Perez

South Carolina DNC members Don Fowler, Kaye Koonce, Clay Middleton, and Carol Fowler today endorsed Tom Perez for DNC chair. The announcement comes less than 24 hours after Jaime Harrison pulled himself out of contention for DNC chair and threw his support squarely behind Tom. Jaime cited Tom's ability to bring bold progressive change and his commitment to rebuilding strong state parties.

This morning, Tom and Jaime stood together at a breakfast celebrating Black History Month, where they shared their belief in a Democratic Party that embodies the values of opportunity, inclusion, and inescapable web of mutuality that binds us as Americans. You can watch their remarks here.

In announcing their endorsement, the South Carolina DNC members released the following statement:

"We are so proud to join Jaime Harrison in standing with Tom Perez. We know that Tom is the leader we need to turn around the Democratic Party by building strong state parties in every region of the country and take the fight to Donald Trump and his rubber stamp Republicans every single day. We know this because we’ve seen Tom’s leadership firsthand in South Carolina.

"When Republicans passed a discriminatory voter ID law, Tom was the one who took them on. With Donald Trump in the White House and Jeff Sessions by his side, Tom Perez is the leader we need to fight back against their efforts to disenfranchise millions of Americans throughout the South and across the country.

"Simply put, we need a Democratic Party to be a bulwark against the disaster that is the Trump administration. We need a Democratic Party that invests in strong state parties and recruits organizers and candidates from school board to the Senate. We need a Democratic Party that speaks to Americans in every single ZIP Code. We need a leader who has gotten the job done before and who can get the job done now. We need Tom Perez as the next chair of the DNC."