Virginia DNC Members Endorse Tom Perez

Virginia DNC Members Atima Omara, Frank Leone, Doris Crouse-Mays, Jenn McClellan, Fred Hudson, and Steve Cochran released the following statement after endorsing Tom Perez for DNC chair. They cited Tom’s record as both an advocate and a manager, and said that he would help Virginia Democrats continue their recent electoral success. 

Statement from Virginia DNC Members:

“Virginia Democrats have now won four straight Senate elections, two out of the last three gubernatorial elections, and helped the Democratic candidate carry the state in three straight presidential elections, so we know how to pick a winner. Tom Perez is the candidate for DNC chair who can best help us continue our winning streak. Tom has a proven record at the Labor and Justice Departments as a turnaround artist who can revamp struggling organizations. He will improve the relationship between state parties and the DNC in order to empower Democrats from the local to the federal level, fight for progressive values, and make sure our party can compete in every ZIP code.

“Tom is a strong advocate for our party who can blunt the appeal of Donald Trump’s hateful policies. He was a highly sought after surrogate for Democrats in 2016 and we know that will continue. We know we can also count on Tom in the fights ahead, whether it be the strict voter ID laws passed by Republican legislatures like ours or the anti-union so-called 'right to work' law we defeated last year. We are very proud to endorse Tom for DNC chair.”