Tom Perez Statement on Mayor Pete Buttigieg

After South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg dropped out of the DNC Chair race, Tom Perez issued the following statement: 

"Pete Buttigieg is the future of our party.  It is clear to all of us who have gotten to know Pete through this process that he is immensely talented and has a bright future in this party. 

"He is the kind of leader that we need not only in Indiana, but across our country as we work to organize to win.  Pete has not only served our country, but he has served our party by bringing a fresh perspective to our movement. His example is the prescription for winning on the local level and making real gains in deep red states across America.

"I thank Mayor Pete Buttigieg for his continued service to our country, and for the message of unity he brought to this race.  South Bend is fortunate to have such a forward-thinking, innovative, and accomplished mayor. I am confident Pete has a bright future ahead of him in the Democratic Party, and I plan to work with him to make that future a reality."