Maryland Democratic Party Chairs Publicly Endorse Tom Perez


Maryland Democratic Party Chair Bruce Poole along with former Maryland Democratic Party Chairs Michael Cryor, Isiah “Ike” Leggett, and Terry Lierman today publicly endorsed Tom Perez for DNC Chair. Their announcement comes on the heels of this week's endorsement from House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD). Together the Marylanders issued the following statement:

“Tom Perez's entire career has focused on taking on big fights on behalf of the American people from his time on the Montgomery County Council to his important work at the Justice and Labor Departments. Tom championed progressive causes and focused on the issues that keep families up at night: raising wages; protecting the voting rights of all Americans; combating discriminatory lending; and making sure that every American has the skills they need to succeed.  Tom made history as the Council's first Latino and we hope he makes history again as the first Latino chair of the DNC.

"As former chairs of the Maryland Democratic Party, we know Tom Perez is exactly the sort of changemaker we need at the helm of the DNC. We need someone who has the experience to lead our party, we need someone who knows how to win fights, and we need someone who can listen and implement the ideas of state parties. Tom is the only one who can do this. We are extremely proud to endorse him to be the next DNC Chair."

Bruce Poole, Chair, Maryland Democratic Party
Michael Cryor, Former Chair, Maryland Democratic Party
Isiah "Ike" Leggett, Executive, Montgomery County; Former Chair, Maryland Democratic Party
Terry Lierman, Former Chair, Maryland Democratic Party


Former U.S. Attorneys and Justice Department Officials Endorse Tom Perez

More than 50 former U.S. Attorneys and Justice Department officials from across the country today endorsed Tom Perez for DNC Chair. The signers cite Tom's commitment to working on behalf of all Americans writing, "As we have watched the debate about the future of the Democratic Party unfold, it is clear the party would benefit from a leader that doesn’t just talk the talk about a “fifty state strategy” but, more importantly, has a demonstrated ability to walk the walk."

The full letter, which has been sent to DNC voting members, is included below and is attached including all 53 signers. 


Dear Voting Members of the DNC,

We write to share our support of Tom Perez as he seeks the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee.  We worked with Tom during our tenure as United States Attorneys and Department of Justice Officials, and recommend him unequivocally based on our experience pursuing justice alongside him.

During Tom’s service as Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights, we proudly worked with him to prosecute civil rights cases across the country; to implement the Shepard-Byrd Hate Crimes Prevention Act; to protect equal housing opportunity; to ensure schoolchildren are free from discrimination, bullying and harassment; to expand access to employment, housing and educational opportunities by fighting for people with disabilities; to defend and expand Americans’ right to vote; to ensure that communities have effective and accountable policing; to safeguard our service members in the areas of employment, housing, fair lending and voting rights; and to address a wide range of problems affecting Americans, including domestic terrorism, human trafficking, employment discrimination and fair lending. Throughout these efforts, Tom proved himself an outstanding leader in every regard. 

United States Attorneys and Department of Justice officials from districts across the country have signed this letter because we witnessed Tom’s leadership, and his commitment to all areas of our great country— from large urban areas to small, rural counties.  Tom’s dedication to all districts, in all 50 states, evidences his commitment to working for and representing all people in America, regardless of where they live, what they look like, or who they are.  As we have watched the debate about the future of the Democratic Party unfold, it is clear the party would benefit from a leader that doesn’t just talk the talk about a “fifty state strategy” but, more importantly, has a demonstrated ability to walk the walk.  We walked that walk at the Department of Justice with Tom, and we can attest to his unique ability to relate to and bring together people from all walks of life, in every area of this country.  

Having worked directly with Tom as he led the effort to rebuild the Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice, we know, first hand, of his ability to rebuild a complex organization.  Tom’s record is one of uniting diverse stakeholders, listening to a variety of points of view, and bringing people together to effect needed change.  His ability to build consensus behind a vision was remarkable, his organizational ability in executing that vision was extremely impressive, and his passion was unparalleled.  We were repeatedly impressed by Tom’s commitment to truly listening to a diverse array of perspectives and uniting those various voices behind a common objective.  

The passion, commitment, and ability we all witnessed working with Tom make him uniquely suited to leading the Democratic National Committee at this time.  Tom’s demonstrated abilities would enable him to build and lead the DNC with dedication, integrity, and effectiveness.


Roy L. Austin, Jr., Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General, U.S Department of Justice Civil Rights Division

William J. Baer, Former Assistant Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice Antitrust Division

Samuel Bagenstos, Former Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General, U.S Department of Justice Civil Rights Division

Donald J. Cazayoux, Former U.S. Attorney, Middle District of Louisiana

Tristram J. Coffin, Former U.S. Attorney, District of Vermont

Matthew Colangelo, Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division

James M. Cole, Former Deputy Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice

Stuart F. Delery, Former Acting Associate Attorney General U.S Department of Justice, Former Assistant Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice Civil Division

Steven M. Dettlebach, Former U.S. Attorney, Northern District of Ohio

Laura Duffy, Former U.S. Attorney, Southern District of California

William Conner Eldridge, Jr., Former U.S. Attorney, Western District of Arkansas

Robert Booth Goodwin II, Former U.S. Attorney, Southern District of West Virginia

Jamie S. Gorelick, Former Deputy Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice

Barry R. Grissom, Former U.S. Attorney, District of Kansas

Javier M. Guzman, Former Deputy Associate Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice

Melinda Haag, Former U.S. Attorney, Northern District of California

Kerry B. Harvey, Former U.S. Attorney, Eastern District of Kentucky

Timothy J. Heaphy, Former U.S. Attorney, Western District of Virginia

David J. Hickton, Former U.S. Attorney, Western District of Pennsylvania

Dwight Holton, Former U.S. Attorney, District of Oregon

William J. Ihlenfeld, II, Former U.S. Attorney, Northern District of West Virginia

Brendan Johnson, Former U.S. Attorney, District of South Dakota

William C. Killian, Former U.S. Attorney, Eastern District of Tennessee

Loretta King, Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice

Nicholas A. Klinefeldt, Former U.S. Attorney, Southern District of Iowa

James A. Lewis, Former U.S. Attorney, Central District of Illinois

Emily Loeb, Former Associate Counsel, Office of the White House Counsel

Ronald C. Machen, Former U.S. Attorney, District of Columbia

Pamela C. Marsh, Former U.S. Attorney, Northern District of Florida

Jerry E. Martin, Former U.S. Attorney, Middle District of Tennessee

Alejandro N. Mayorkas, Former Deputy Secretary, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Former U.S. Attorney, Central District of California

Bernard Melekian, Former Director, U.S. Department of Justice Office of the Community Oriented Policing Services

Zane Memeger, Former U.S. Attorney, Eastern District of Pennsylvania

Matthew Miller, Former Director, U.S. Department of Justice Office of Public Affairs

Michael Moore, Former U.S. Attorney, Middle District of Georgia

Bill Nettles, Former U.S. Attorney, District of South Carolina

David W. Ogden, Former Deputy Attorney General of the United States

Matthew G. Olsen, Former Associate Deputy Attorney General for National Security, U.S. Department of Justice

Carmen M. Ortiz, Former U.S. Attorney, District of Massachusetts

Deval L. Patrick, Former Governor of Massachusetts, Former Assistant Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division

Timothy Q. Purdon, Former U.S. Attorney, District of North Dakota

Ripley Rand, Former U.S. Attorney, Middle District of North Carolina

Leon Rodriguez, Former Director, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Former Chief of Staff, U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division

Jocelyn Samuels, Former Acting Assistant Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division

Tracy Schmaler, Former Director, U.S. Department of Justice Office of Public Affairs

Victoria Schultz, Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice

Anne M. Tompkins, Former U.S. Attorney, Western District of North Carolina

Joyce Vance, Former U.S. Attorney, Northern District of Alabama

Benjamin B. Wagner, Former U.S. Attorney, Eastern District of California

John Walsh, Former U.S. Attorney, District of Colorado

Ronald Weich, Former Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs, U.S. Department of Justice

Stephen R. Wigginton, Former U.S. Attorney, Southern District of Illinois

Stephanie Yonekura, Former Acting U.S. Attorney, Central District of California

Former Attorney General Eric Holder Endorses Tom Perez for DNC Chair

Former Attorney General Eric Holder today announced his endorsement of Tom Perez for DNC Chair. Tom Perez also issued a statement in response to the major endorsement. 

Statement of former Attorney General Eric Holder: 

"As we’ve seen since the inauguration, there is much at stake for our nation, and our democracy and our party.  We need a DNC chair who is a proven fighter and a proven uniter. Tom Perez is that person.  

"Tom not only knows how to take on big fights; he wins them. He led the effort against former Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona on immigration issues, stopped discriminatory voter ID laws, and successfully took on Wall Street in the aftermath of the foreclosure crisis. He made opportunity a reality for women, immigrants, and people with the disabilities. 

"Tom fights hard for what he believes in, and I have seen it firsthand.  Tom was an indispensable part of my team at the Department of Justice. It was not simply what he did, but how he did it that was impressive. He turned around the civil rights division by building an inclusive team, building partnerships inside and outside the Department, and empowering everyone with whom he worked.

"I truly have great respect for all of the candidates running for DNC chair, but as we wage an epic battle for the heart and soul of our nation, I strongly believe that Tom Perez is the progressive fighter and change agent we need to lead the Democratic party and to rebuild the party infrastructure in the states. I’m confident Tom is up to the tasks that will confront the next DNC Chair.  I endorse him with great enthusiasm."


Statement of Tom Perez: 

"I am honored to receive the endorsement of Eric Holder, a leader in the fight to protect civil rights for all Americans. Throughout his career, Eric has never backed down from a fight -- whether it was refusing to defend DOMA or taking on Arizona's discriminatory SB1070 law or thwarting multiple terror attacks on American soil. I've been there right by his side when tackling some of our country's biggest problems -- and he's not done yet. Eric understands that Republican threats to our nation's voting rights and civil rights are far from over, and that's why he's taking on the task of holding states accountable for discriminatory redistricting plans in order to ensure that all voters can exercise their basic right to vote free from discrimination. He understands more than anyone that we need a fully funded and fully staffed voter empowerment office at the DNC so that we are responding in real time to the games that Republicans will try to play with our democracy. There was no better partner during my time at the Justice Department than Eric, and our party will need his leadership when fighting to defend the values we all believe in."


Ex-Fiscal General Eric Holder apoya a Tom Pérez para dirigir el DNC

El ex-Fiscal General Eric Holder anunció hoy su apoyo a Tom Pérez para dirigir el DNC. Tom Pérez se pronunció en respuesta al importante endoso. 

Declaración del ex-Fiscal General Eric Holder:

"Como hemos podido ver desde la toma de posesión, hay mucho en juego para nuestra nación, nuestra democracia y nuestro partido. Necesitamos alguien al frente del DNC que sea un luchador y unificador comprobado. Tom Pérez es esa persona. 

"Tom no sólo sabe enfrentarse a grandes peleas, sino a ganarlas también. Él lideró esfuerzos contra del Sheriff Joe Arpaio de Arizona en temas de inmigración, detuvo leyes discriminatorias de requerimiento de identificaciones a electores y se enfrentó exitosamente a Wall Street tras la crisis inmobiliaria. Él abrió oportunidades reales para las mujeres, inmigrantes y personas con discapacidad.

"Tom lucha fuertemente en lo que cree y he sido testigo de ello. Tom fue parte indispensable de mi equipo en el Departamento de Justicia. No fue solamente lo que hizo, sino cómo lo hizo lo que resulta impresionante. Le dio un vuelco la división de derechos civiles al construir un equipo inclusivo, forjando alianzas dentro y fuera del Departamento y empoderando a quienes trabajaron con el. 

"Sinceramente tengo gran respeto por todos los candidatos aspirando a dirigir el DNC, pero al enfrentarnos a una batalla sin precedente por el corazón y alma de nuestra nación, creo profundamente que Tom Pérez es el luchador progresista y agente de cambio que necesitamos para liderar el Partido Demócrata y reconstruir la infraestructura del los partidos en los estados. Confío que Tom esta listo para afrontar las responsabilidades que el próximo presidente del DNC tendrá. Lo apoyo con gran entusiasmo." 


Declaraciones de Tom Pérez:

"Me honra recibir el apoyo de Eric Holder, un líder en la lucha de la protección de los derechos civiles de todos los estadounidenses. A lo largo de su carrera Eric nunca le ha dado la espalda a grandes peleas, ya sea negándose a defender la Ley de Defensa del Matrimonio (DOMA, por sus siglas en inglés) ó enfrentándose a la discriminatoria Ley SB1070 de Arizona, así como frustrando múltiples ataques terroristas en suelo estadounidenses. He estado a su lado cuando ha afrontado alguno de los problemas más grandes de nuestro país y aún no se da por vencido. Eric entiende que las amenazas republicanas de nuestros derechos como votantes y derechos civiles están muy lejos de terminar y es por eso que se ha dedicado a hacer responsables a los estados por la práctica discriminatoria de modificar los distritos, para asegurarse que todos los electores puedan ejercer su derecho libres de discriminación. Él entiende más que nadie que necesitamos un departamento con un presupuesto y personal completo para empoderar el voto desde el DNC y para responder en tiempo real a los juegos que los republicanos tratarán de hacerle a nuestra democracia. No tuve un mejor aliado durante mi tiempo al servicio del Departamento de Justicia que Eric y nuestro partido necesitará su liderazgo para defender los valores en los que todos creemos.” 



Tom Perez Statement on President Trump's Latest Actions to Loosen Wall Street Regulations

Following President Donald Trump's announcement that he would begin to roll back important regulations on the financial industry, including the Conflicts of Interest Rule, Tom Perez issued this statement:

"Plain and simple: By threatening to eliminate the conflict of interest rule, Donald Trump is ripping away $17 billion a year from working Americans and putting it in the hands of Wall Street.  They know this is a giveaway to rich bankers: Trump's own economic policy director, who went straight to the White House from Goldman Sachs, said today he wanted to restore "unhealthy" options to the retirement marketplace.

"This rule stands for the simple proposition that financial advisors must act in the best interest of the consumer when giving retirement advice. It's really that simple.  Wall Street spent hundreds of millions of dollars lobbying against the conflict of interest rule but today, they have a friend in the White House to do their dirty work.  It was Trump's billionaire Wall Street friends who sat with him today during his announcement and who, in Trump's own words, will benefit most from these actions.   

"President Trump must now answer this question: Why are you putting the profits of Wall Street over the best interests of millions of working Americans? 

"In the name of middle class workers saving for retirement, families buying their first home, and millions of Americans still recovering from the housing crash, we cannot let Goldman Sachs write the rules for our country. 

"Today's action is yet another promise broken and only we can stop it by standing up to President Trump. Americans have not let up on Trump's harmful agenda thus far, and we cannot back down now. I will continue to fight like hell to help protect American workers from bullies like Trump because our country is better than this."

​ Bricklayers International Union Endorses Tom Perez for DNC Chair

Five AFL-CIO Affiliates Have Now Endorsed Tom

The International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers (BAC) today became the fifth AFL-CIO affiliate union to endorse Tom Perez for DNC Chair. Tom has also secured the support of the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF), the United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada (UA), the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW), and the United Farm Workers (UFW)


"I'm proud to have the endorsement of the bricklayers and their members as we work to rebuild the Democratic party," said Tom Perez. "Together, we will fight for American workers and speak to our party's big tent. Right now, Democrats need a leader who knows how to run a complex organization and who can turn things around.  I look forward to continuing my decades-long work of fighting for what's right and standing side by side with the bricklayers and other AFL-CIO affiliates in our fight to protect our values."


BAC President James Boland: 


“BAC is proud to endorse Tom Perez for DNC chair. Tom understands how to take on decades-long, difficult fights and win. For over a century, our members have been suffering from silicosis, a debilitating and deadly disease, after overexposure to silica in the workplace. The rule to limit exposure to silica - and save lives - had been over 80 years in the making but was stalled time and time again. It was Tom Perez who stood up to special interests and did what was right for workers across the nation by seeing this critical rulemaking to fruition. Tom understands the importance of good jobs, fair wages, and workplace protections that keep our members safe and healthy. Tom has stood beside us for tough fights before and we know he'll continue to do so as DNC chair.”


Tom Perez Statement Honoring Black History Month

Today Tom Perez issued the following statement commemorating Black History Month:

"From long before our nation’s founding through President Obama’s two terms in the White House, African Americans have made invaluable contributions to our country. This month, we pause to reflect on those accomplishments and the progress we’ve made while also recognizing the work we must still do to realize our founding principles.

"As a nation, we best honor the legacy of generations past by recommitting ourselves to the enduring fight for racial justice in all aspects of public and private life. Now more than ever, we must fight to protect the gains we've made and reinforce progressive coalitions to advance our fight.

"We honor the work of heroes like Fannie Lou Hamer and John Lewis by fighting to expand access to the ballot box and by combatting voter suppression efforts.

"We honor the work of fighters like Dorothy Height and Anna Arnold Hedgeman by fighting for economic justice and combatting continued discrimination in education, housing, lending, hiring practices and health care.

"We honor the lives of Sandra Bland, Freddie Gray, Michael Brown and countless others by asserting that Black lives matter and advocating for policies that reflect as much.

"We honor the generations of men and women subjected to slavery by another name by confronting a criminal justice system that continues to discriminate against and profit from people of color every single day. 

"So while we rightly celebrate this month, we should remain committed to fighting for an America that lives up to its founding principles. It's our civic duty to do so."

​ Former Vice President Joe Biden Endorses Tom Perez for DNC Chair

Former Vice President Joe Biden today announced his endorsement of Tom Perez for DNC Chair. Tom Perez also issued a statement in response to the major endorsement.

Statement of former Vice President Joe Biden Endorsing Tom Perez for DNC Chair:

"I’ve known Tom Perez for a long time. He’s a man of integrity and vision. And he knows what it means to be a Democrat—that we are a party that fights for economic fairness for working families and believes that everyone is entitled to be treated with dignity, regardless of who they are, where they come from, or who they love.

"And with Tom, it’s personal, as it’s always been for me. He’s never forgotten where he comes from and he’s anchored by a fundamental optimism in our country and the belief that ordinary people can do extraordinary things if given just a fair chance.

"I’ve seen it the last eight years as he served as the nation’s top civil rights lawyer and as our Secretary of Labor. He’s stood up for workers, immigrants, and Americans living with disabilities. He’s fought for fair housing and protected the sacred right to vote. We’ve partnered together to help folks get the skills they need for good-paying, middle-class jobs. Most of all—Tom knows how to talk to people, not down to them. He knows how to explain why our party’s core beliefs matter to the immigrant family in Arizona and the coal miner in West Virginia. That matters.

"We have a lot of good people vying for this important job. But I do think for this moment and in this time, Tom Perez is our best bet to help bring the party back. I’ve watched him work. I think I know his heart. That’s why I endorse him as the next Chairman of the DNC."

Statement of Tom Perez:

"I am honored to have the support of former Vice President Joe Biden, a personal hero of mine who has made expanding opportunity his life's work. Whether it's because of his work helping Americans living in the shadows, his relentless support for the middle class, or his tireless efforts advancing progressive fights and raising money for state parties, Biden is the pride of the Democratic Party.

"Working alongside Biden was one of the great honors of my career. I was able to witness first hand his tenacity in fighting for what is right. And today I am proud to have my friend, Biden as a partner in on ongoing fight to turn around the Democratic Party. 

"Rebuilding the DNC from the ground up will require resources and time, and no one has given more of both to strengthen state parties than Biden. His commitment to the grassroots of our party is evident. He understand their needs and knows the urgency of increasing local investment to get our party winning again."




Tom Perez Statement on Judge Neil Gorsuch

Following President Donald Trump's nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court of the United States, Tom Perez issued this statement:

"I always say that past is prologue, and today President Donald Trump proved that theory true when he announced a nominee just as extreme and divisive as his past 12 days in office. President Trump’s selection of Judge Gorsuch to serve a lifetime term on our nation’s highest court only further cements what we’ve witnessed over the first 12 days of his administration: that he doesn’t give a damn about upholding the Constitution.

"Judge Gorsuch has already led the attack on women’s reproductive health from the bench and would eagerly overturn Roe v. Wade if confirmed. He has an abysmal record on protecting citizens from police brutality and would seriously jeopardize bipartisan efforts toward criminal justice reform. He would similarly dismantle the gains we’ve made for LGBT Americans and serve as a reliable vote in favor of voter suppression on the high court.  In short, a Justice Gorsuch would discriminate against a majority of Americans from the bench. This alone is disqualifying.

"And just yesterday, Donald Trump demonstrated that what he’s most concerned with is putting in place sycophants who can’t be trusted to hold him accountable when he breaks the law and violates the Constitution. We should expect nothing less from his judicial nominees.

"Simply put, a Justice Gorsuch on the Supreme Court is intolerable and it’s up to Democrats to block his nomination.

"As I’ve said before, we need to afford Donald Trump the same level of cooperation Mitch McConnell afforded President Obama. That starts with making sure that Judge Gorsuch never sits on the Supreme Court."

Tom Perez Statement on U.S. DOJ's Announcement

Following the letter from Acting Attorney General Sally Yates to Justice Department staff stating she will not defend President Donald Trump's shameful immigration ban, Tom Perez issued this statement: 

"For nearly three decades, Acting Attorney General Sally Yates has served Presidents of both parties, defending the Constitution and holding terrorists and other criminals accountable. Acting Attorney General Yates’s record is simply beyond reproach – that’s why she was confirmed with strong bi-partisan support.

"The fact is that Acting Attorney General Yates, and every law enforcement official and credible attorney, knows Trump’s Muslim ban is illegal. The Acting Attorney General is standing up to this dangerous executive order that goes against everything we stand for as a country and only puts more American lives at risk. We’re fortunate to have such dedicated public servants across the federal government who are committed to doing the right thing. 

"Her independence and commitment to upholding the Constitution is exactly what our country lacks if the Senate confirms Sen. Jeff Sessions. We’ve got to fight like hell to prevent that from happening."


Texans Endorse Tom Perez Ahead of Houston Forum

As Democrats arrive in Houston, Texas for for the second of four Future Forums hosted by the Democratic National Committee, Team Tom announced six Texans endorsing Tom Perez for the next DNC chair. These endorsements come on the heels of support from unions including just-announced United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry (UA) and United Brotherhood of Carpenters, as well as endorsements from state and local leaders from across the country. 

"As we arrive in Houston for the second DNC Future Forum, I'm honored to receive endorsements from Texans fighting to strengthen our party and win more seats up and down the ballot," said Tom Perez. "It is more apparent than ever that we need to make fundamental changes at the DNC to get back to basics and fortify our state parties, not just use them as ATM machines. And as Texans know all too well, well also need to be creative and aggressive about battling voter suppression efforts that strip Americans of their fundamental right to vote. That's why I am proposing a Voter Empowerment Office at the DNC and I look forward to discussing my plan at this weekend's forum."

Gilberto Hinojosa, Texas Democratic Party Chair, DNC Member:

“While Texas made major strides this last cycle and Democrats had a closer margin in the presidential than Iowa, it is clear that the national party needs to rethink their strategy on investments and start paying attention to Texas.  Tom Perez understands the complex challenges we have in Texas and understands the national party needs to make investments instead of treating Texas as an ATM machine.  Tom is a friend, and if he's elected chair, he will speak to the broad tent of the party and has the experience to turnaround large complex organizations.  Tom is my pick for chair because Texas needs him."

Representative Filemon Vela (D-TX34):

“The Democratic Party needs a dramatic turn around, and I can’t think of anyone better to lead our comeback than Tom Perez.

“Tom has spent his entire career taking on and winning the toughest progressive fights, including many right here in Texas. When Texas Republicans tried to push their blatantly discriminatory gerrymandering, Tom was there to help us fight back. When Texas Republicans tried to target communities of color with voter suppression laws, Tom was there to help us fight back.

“With Donald Trump in Washington and Greg Abbott in Austin, we need Tom more than ever.”

Celina Vasquez, DNC Member and Founder, Texas Latinas List:

"Ahead of the DNC Future Forum in Houston, I proudly endorse Tom Perez for the next DNC chair and the first Latino to lead the Democratic Party. As an educator and the daughter of an undocumented immigrant, I am looking for someone who is ready to fight the Trump administration while also rebuilding our ground game so Democrats can win up and down the ballot in 2017, 2018, and beyond. His experience running complex organizations that have a footprint in all 50 state and the territories, coupled with his career as a civil and labor rights champion, make Tom best suited to be that leader. He will get us back to basics as a party and continue to lift up all voices along the way."

Jose Rodriguez, Texas State Senator (D-29) and DNC Member:

"Soon, Texas Democrats will vote for our future DNC Chair to lead our party. Our future leader should fight for our progressive values, stand up to the Trump Administration, and inspire our diversified base. For those reasons, I am endorsing Tom Perez for DNC Chair. 

"From the very start, Tom has proven that he knows how to put in the hard work and tackle even the most seemingly impossible jobs. He has shown time and again that he isn't afraid to take on the biggest and hardest challenges to get real results for Americans. 

"His perseverance, work ethic, and commitment to organizing are exactly what we need in our next DNC Chair."

Annise Parker, former Mayor of Houston, Texas:

"Here in Houston, we’ve worked tirelessly to create a community of opportunity and inclusion. We’ve had to stand up to those who wanted to roll back the progress we’ve made as a city. And with Donald Trump and Mike Pence running things in Washington, we’ll need a fighter like Tom Perez who won't back down.

"Just look what he’s done right here in Texas. From successfully prosecuting hate crimes, to combatting Republican redistricting and voter suppression efforts, Tom Perez has gone to bat for our progressive values time and again. If the Democratic Party is going to make a comeback here in Texas and across the country, Tom Perez will be the one to lead it."

Rodney Ellis, County Commissioner, Harris County Precinct One:

"We’ve been fighting like hell here in Texas to make Democratic gains, but what we’ve needed is a true organizer. That’s exactly who Tom Perez is and it’s exactly why I’m proud to endorse him to serve as the next chair of the DNC. Like me, Tom Perez has served at every level, so he knows what it takes to build a coalition from the ground up.  We’ve already made progress here in Harris County. With Tom Perez as DNC chair, we can make the dream of a Democratic Texas a reality."


Texanos apoyan a Tom Pérez previo a Foro en Houston

Mientras que los Demócratas llegan a Houston, Texas para el segundo de cuatro Future Forums organizado por el Comité Nacional Demócrata, el 'Equipo Tom' anunció el apoyo de seis texanos a Tom Pérez para presidente del DNC. Estos apoyos se suman a los recibidos de parte de sindicados, incluyendo la Asociación Unida de Jornaleros y Aprendices de la Industria de Plomería y Fontanería (UA) y la Hermandad Unida de Carpinteros, así como el apoyo de líderes locales y estatales de todo el país. 

“Al llegar a Houston para el segundo DNC Future Forum, estoy honrado de recibir el apoyo de Texanos que luchan para fortalecer nuestro partido y ganar mas puestos arriba y abajo en la boleta," señaló Tom Perez. "Resulta más evidente que nu ca que necesitamos realizar cambios fundamentales en el DNC para volver a nuestros inicios y fortalecer nuestros partidos estatales, no sólo utilizarlos como una fuente de recursos. Como muy bien saben los Texanos, también necesitamos ser creativos y agresivos al combatir la supresión de votantes que quita a los estadounidenses su derecho fundamental de votar. Es por eso que propongo una oficina de Empoderamiento del Elector en el DNC y tengo muchas ganas de discutir mi plan en el Foro de este fin de semana”.

Gilberto Hinojosa, Texas Democratic Party Chair, DNC Member:

“Mientras Texas logró avanzar pasos agigantados durante el reciente ciclo electoral y los Demócratas tuvieron un margen mas cercano en la elección presidencial que en Iowa, es claro que el partido necesita reevaluar su estrategia de inversiones y comenzar a prestar atención a Texas. Tom Pérez entiende los complejos retos que tenemos en Texas y entiende que el partido nacional necesita hacer inversiones en vez de tratar al estado como una fuente de recursos. Tom es un amigo, y si es electo presidente, hablará a la amplitud del partido con la experiencia de generar resultados en grandes y complejas organizaciones. Tom es mi elección para presidente porque Texas lo necesita”. 

Representative Filemon Vela (D-TX34):

“El Partido Demócrata necesita un cambio dramático y no puedo pensar de nadie mejor para liderar nuestro retorno que Tom Pérez. 

“Tom ha dedicado su carrera entera haciendo frente y ganando las más difíciles luchas progresivas, incluyendo muchas aquí en Texas. Cuando los Republicanos de Texas trataron de empujar su abiertamente discriminatoria manipulación de distritos, Tom estuvo ahí para contraatacar. Cuando los Republicanos de Texas trataron de enfocarse en comunidades de color con leyes de supresión de votantes, Tom estuvo ahí para ayudarnos a luchar en su contra.

“Con Donald Trump en Washington y Greg Abbott en Austin, necesitamos a Tom más que nunca antes”. 

Celina Vasquez, DNC Member Founder, Texas Latinas List:

“Previo al Foro DNC Future en Houston, orgullosamente respaldo a Tom Pérez para la próxima presidencia del DNC y para ser el primer Latino en liderar al Partido Demócrata. Como una educadora e hija de un inmigrante indocumentado, busco a alguien que esté listo para luchar en contra de la administración Trump mientras reconstruimos nuestras bases para que los Demócratas puedan ganar arriba y abajo en la boleta en el 2017, 2018 y más allá. Su experiencia a cargo de organizaciones complejas, con presencia en los 50 estados y territorios, junto a su carrera como campeón de derechos civiles y laborales hacen de Tom el mas calificado para ser ese líder. El nos llevará a nuestros inicios como partido y continuará levantando todas las voces en el camino”. 

Jose Rodriguez, Texas State Senator (D-29) and DNC Member:

“Pronto los Demócratas de Texas votarán por nuestro futuro presidente del DNC que liderará nuestro partido. Nuestro futuro líder debe pelear por nuestro valores progresistas y resistir a la administración Trump mientras inspira a nuestra diversa base. Por esas razones yo apoyo a Tom Perez para presidente del DNC.

“Desde el inicio, Tom ha demostrado que sabe cómo trabajar duro y enfrentar hasta los más aparentemente imposibles trabajos. El ha mostrado una y otra vez que no teme en enfrentarse a los más grandes y duros retos para darle resultados reales a los estadounidenses. 

“Su perseverancia, ética de trabajo y compromiso de organizar, son exactamente lo que necesitamos como nuestro próximo presidente del DNC”.

Annise Parker, former Mayor of Houston, Texas:

“En Houston hemos luchado con uñas y dientes para crear una comunidad de oportunidades e inclusión. Hemos tenido que hacer frente a quienes han querido retroceder el progreso que hemos logrado como ciudad. Con Donald Trump y Rick Perry tomando decisiones en Washington, necesitaremos a un luchador como Tom Perez que no se de por vencido. 

“Sólo vean lo que ha hecho aquí en Texas. Desde procesar exitosamente crímenes, hasta combatir los esfuerzos republicanos de modificar distritos y suprimir votantes, Tom Perez ha peleado por nuestros valores progresistas una y otra vez. Si el Partido Demócrata desea reaparecer aquí Texas y a través  del país, Tom Pérez será quien nos lidere”. 

Rodney Ellis, County Commissioner, Harris County Precinct One:

“Hemos luchado como nunca en Texas para alcanzar victorias Demócratas, pero lo que necesitamos es un verdadero organizador comunitario. Eso es exactamente quien Tom Pérez es y es exactamente el por qué orgullosamente lo respaldo para servir como el proximo presidente del DNC. Como yo, Tom Pérez ha servido en todos los niveles, por lo que sabe lo que toma construir una coalición desde abajo hasta arriba. Hemos progresado en en el Condado Harris. Con Tom Pérez como presidente del DNC podemos convertir el sueño de una Texas demócrata en realidad”.

Major Construction Union Endorses Perez For DNC Chair

ANNAPOLIS, MD – The United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry (UA) announced today that it is supporting former Secretary of Labor, Tom Perez, for Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

“Tom Perez believes in American workers and that in the future of the Democratic Party will once again be the champion of the middle class,” said UA General President Mark McManus in announcing the endorsement. “As Secretary of Labor, he fought hard to protect the rights of workers to join unions and collectively bargain, to enforce the nation’s wage and hour laws – including prevailing wage protections for construction workers – and to ensure safe working conditions. Tom understands the problems that working men and women face each and every day, which is why he has worked so hard to level the playing field, provide greater access to education and skills training, and crack down on employers who cheat workers out of wages. These are top priorities for the UA and for the entire country. I’m confident that Tom will provide the leadership to reach and empower working class Americans as Chair of the DNC.”

“During his Senate confirmation hearing, Tom told the committee that his top priority, if confirmed, would be ‘jobs, jobs jobs.’ He believes that this should be the priority for the DNC as well,” McManus added. “Tom has proven to be a champion of working people and I believe he understands that reaching workers will be critical in the months and years ahead. I can’t think of a better person to stand for the cause of ordinary middle class Americans than my friend, Tom Perez. At a time when our politics seems to lean so heavily towards corporations and the very wealthy, we need working class champions like Tom. We are proud to offer him our support."

“The United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry has spent decades providing opportunities for thousands of workers, and today, I’m proud to have their support,” said Tom Perez. “Our party is a party of inclusion and economic opportunity and we must communicate that message to voters. I have spent my career turning around organizations and fighting for what’s right. Now, I want to take that fight to the DNC so we can protect workers and ensure they have fair wages and safe working environments. I’m glad to have UA as a partner in this fight and look forward to working with them and the rest of organized labor as we lift up the voices of American workers.”

The United Association was founded in 1889 and is a multi-craft union whose members are engaged in the fabrication, installation & servicing of piping system, including over 340,000 members belonging to more than 275 local unions in the United States & Canada.


The United Brotherhood of Carpenters Supports Thomas E. Perez for Democratic National Committee Chair

The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America (UBC), representing over 500,000 members, is proud to support former Secretary of Labor Tom Perez to be the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair. Perez has spent his entire career fighting for workers’ rights and organized labor. He has a track record of supporting the issues that positively impact middle-class families.

“Tom has worked on issues that matter to UBC members - from prevailing wage to fighting misclassification,” said UBC General President Douglas J. McCarron. “His leadership at the DNC will help protect the middle-class American worker. The Brotherhood is supportive and ready to keep building strong and leading the way.”

Perez served as United States Secretary of Labor in the Obama administration. Under his leadership, significant strides were made on workers’ rights including ensuring a fair day's pay for a fair day's work through continued efforts to raise the minimum wage, the expansion of overtime protections and fighting payroll fraud like misclassification, which hurts workers, law-abiding contractors and insurance companies.

There will be challenges ahead, but the UBC is confident that Perez is an energetic warrior who will continue to champion causes supporting hard-working, middle-class families. Perez will promote policies that lead to economic growth, in turn boosting the prosperities of the American worker.  

Statement from Tom Perez and DNC Hispanic Caucus Chair Iris Martinez

Following President Donald Trump's latest executive order regarding the border wall and immigration enforcement, Tom Perez and Illinois State Senator Iris Martinez, chair of the DNC's Hispanic Caucus, issued this joint statement:

"Today President Donald Trump continued his all-out assault on American values. 

"President Trump's latest executive order moves forward with "the wall," a literal and figurative cultural barrier that embodies Trump's attitude toward Latinos. Trump lied to the American people throughout his campaign and told them that Mexico will pay for the wall. Instead, who will pay for it? The American people. 

"On top of that, the policy he is exploring to ban refugees and visa holders from certain countries in the Middle East and Africa is both discriminatory and dangerous. This policy is not only contrary to our core values as Americans, this also plays right into the hands of terrorists. 

"It is no coincidence that Trump has done so much to hurt our country during the first week in office, all while having his family profit off his presidency.  This is was always his plan.  Republicans must wake up and see the dangers of Trump because as we saw this weekend, Americans of every race, gender, and creed will hold him accountable."


Tras la más reciente acción ejecutiva del Presidente Donald Trump acerca del muro en la frontera y la aplicación de medidas migratorias, Tom Pérez y la Senadora por el estado de Illinois y presidenta del Caucus Hispano del DNC, Iris Martinez, emitieron la siguiente declaración conjunta:

"El día de hoy el presidente Donald Trump continuó su acérrimo asalto a los valores estadounidenses con sus anuncios de inmigración. 

"Trump continuará con su construcción “del muro”, una barrera cultural tanto literal como figurativa que representa su actitud hacia los Latinos. Trump mintió a los estadounidenses durante su campaña diciéndoles que México pagaría por ese muro, mientras quienes pagarán por el será el pueblo estadounidense. 

"Adicionalmente, su política de prohibir la entrada de refugiados y de personas con visa de ciertos países del Medio Oriente y África es al mismo tiempo discriminatoria y peligrosa. Esta política no sólo es contraria a los nuestros valores, sino que juega a favor de los terroristas. 

"No es una coincidencia que Trump haya hecho tanto por dañar a nuestro país en su primera semana a cargo, mientras su familia se beneficia de su presidencia. Este fue su plan desde el inicio. Los republicanos deben despertar y darse cuenta de los peligros que representa Trump, porque como vimos este fin de semana, estadounidenses de toda raza, género y credo harán que le rinda cuentas."

CHC's BOLD PAC Endorses Tom Perez for DNC Chair

BOLD PAC, the political arm of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, today announced their endorsement of Tom Perez for DNC Chair. Tonight, Tom will participate in a DNC chair forum hosted by Democracy in Color, a multimedia platform on race, politics, and the New American Majority.

"Latinos have been at the center of President Trump's attacks since he launched his campaign 19 months ago and we are ready to fight back," said Tom Perez. "I am honored to receive the endorsement of CHC's BOLD PAC and look forward to working with Congressman Cárdenas and the entire delegation to ensure our voices are not silenced by a bully in the White House." 

Representative Tony Cárdenas, chairman of BOLD PAC:

"BOLD PAC is proud to endorse Tom Perez for DNC chair, who would become the first Latino leader of the Democratic Party if elected. As America's demographics change and investments in the Latino community become more important than ever, we need a leader who will fight back when progress is threatened, inspire our party's big tent, and prepare the grassroots infrastructure to position Democrats to win in elections ahead.
"Tom will ensure that all Americans, including Latinos, will always have a seat at the table and a voice at the DNC. Tom has a long track record of ensuring everyone's voice is heard and will undoubtedly continue this as DNC chair."


El BOLD PAC del Caucus Hispano del Congreso da apoyo a Tom Pérez para presidir el DNC

El BOLD PAC, brazo político del Caucus Hispano del Congreso de los Estados Unidos, anunció hoy su apoyo a Tom Perez para presidente del Comité Nacional Demócrata (DNC, por sus siglas en inglés). Esta noche, Tom participará en un foro de aspirantes a presidir el DNC, organizado por Democracy in Color, una plataforma multimedia de razas, política y la Nueva Mayoría Americana.

"Los Latinos han estado en el centro de los ataques del Presidente Trump desde que anunció su campaña hace 19 meses y estamos listos para luchar en su contra" señaló Tom Perez. "Estoy honrado de recibir el apoyo del BOLD PAC del CHC y espero poder trabajar con el Congresista Cárdenas y el resto de la delegación para asegurar que nuestras voces no sean silenciadas por un fanfarrón en la Casa Blanca.”

Representante Tony Cárdenas, presidente del BOLD PAC:

"BOLD PAC se honra de apoyar a Tom Pérez para presidente del DNC, quien sería el primer líder Latino del Partido Demócrata si resulta electo. Mientras los demográficos de Estados Unidos cambian y la inversión en la comunidad latina se hace más importante que nunca, necesitamos a un líder que luche cuando el progreso alcanzado sea amenazado, inspire la amplitud de nuestro partido y prepare la infraestructura de base para posicionar a Demócratas y ganar elecciones en el futuro. 
“Tom se asegurará de que todos los Estadounidenses, incluyendo a los Latinos, siempre tengan un puesto en la mesa y una voz en el DNC. Tom tiene una larga trayectoria asegurándose de que todas las voces sean escuchadas y sin duda continuará haciéndolo como presidente del DNC.”

Dear Mr. President: We're going to fight back

President Donald J. Trump,

As of 12:01 PM ET today, you are the President of the United States. For the next four years, you will assume the responsibilities of our nation's highest office. But while you won the Electoral College contest in November, you have yet to win the respect of most Americans.

As a civil rights attorney and the proud son of two immigrants from the Dominican Republic, I was appalled by your campaign. You appealed to our nation's oldest fears and divisions, and you disguised all of this prejudice as patriotism. But now that you have taken an oath to serve the American people, I want to offer some words of wisdom -- and of warning.

From the moment you launched your campaign nineteen months ago, you sought to divide and demonize people of every background. You called Mexicans criminals and rapists; you demeaned women and disparaged war heroes; you vowed to ban Muslims and deport 11 million undocumented immigrants; you even attacked a Gold Star family and a disabled reporter. And let us not forget the years you spent working to delegitimize President Barack Obama, our country's first black president, with racist lies about his birthplace.

And your words had consequences. From schools to churches, your rhetoric fueled bigotry across the country and emboldened all those who wish to divide us by what we look like, where we come from, who we love, or how we pray.

When you weren't attacking everyday Americans, you were making empty promises. You preached a gospel of jobs, jobs, jobs. But you've already shown your campaign to be nothing more than a long con.

Just look at your dangerously unqualified cabinet appointments. You claim you want to raise wages, but you've nominated a labor secretary that is the plaintiff in a lawsuit seeking to stop millions of American workers from earning overtime pay. For attorney general, you've chosen a man who once said that immigrants from the Dominican Republic, my parents' homeland, don't have "a provable skill that would benefit [our country] or that would indicate their likely success in our society." You have failed to appoint a single Latino cabinet member and have done away with the important tradition of appointing members of the opposite party. And instead of "draining the swamp" as you promised, you've moved Wall Street back into the White House.

President Obama carried himself with dignity and grace. He understood that democracy is bigger than any one person or party. And that principle guided every decision he made as president -- no matter what was popular or politically expedient.

That's how he led us out of the worst recession of our lifetime, brought unemployment down to 4.7%, and put millions of Americans back to work. Those are facts, not fake news.

That's why he expanded health care for more than 20 million Americans and brought the uninsured rate below 10% for first time in our history. Those are facts, not fake news.

President Obama earned the American people's trust by fighting for them and being honest with them, and you must do the same.

Do not mistake our country for another business you can bankrupt -- financially or morally. Do not mistake our people for another contractor you can cheat. Do not mistake our democracy for another one of your reality shows. Your name may be written into history as America's 45th president, but we, the people, will decide how your story is told.

We won't go tweet-for-tweet or insult-for-insult with you. We've got two better weapons in our arsenal: clipboards and people. And we're going to build the strongest grassroots organizing force this country has ever seen.

When you try to go after immigrants living in the shadows, we will fight back.

When you try to side with big corporations over American workers, we will fight back.

When you try to crush middle class families while lifting up the wealthiest Americans, we will fight back.

When you try to take away people's health care or a woman's right to choose, we will fight back.

When you try to damage our environment and ignore the consequences of climate change, we will fight back.

And when you try to undermine our democracy through division and despair, we will fight back.

For the next four years, we will not be intimidated by a bully in president's clothing. We will fight every single attempt you make to stop or roll back progress, and we will continue to promote opportunity and equality in everything we do.

And unlike you, Mr. President, we keep our promises.

Tom Perez Statement on Donald Trump's Cabinet

Following the news that Donald Trump will not appoint a single Latino cabinet member, Tom Perez issued this statement: 

"Tomorrow, the most unqualified and unpopular president in modern history will be sworn in. Not only is Donald Trump unqualified, but he has also embarrassed our country with the people he has chosen to lead our government. After demonizing Latinos throughout his campaign, Trump broke precedent going back decades of having a Latino voice in the cabinet. Trump's refusal to invite a Latino voice to the table is unacceptable and a slap in the face to our entire community. I won't stand for this and that is why I'll be organizing with progressives across the country to fight back."


Declaraciones de Tom Perez acerca del Gabinete de Donald Trump

Luego de que se conociera la noticia que Donald Trump no nombrará a ningún Latino en su gabinete, Tom Perez realizó las siguientes declaraciones:

“Mañana, el presidente más descalificado e impopular de la historia moderna será juramentado. No sólo carece Donald Trump de las cualidades, sino que también ha avergonzado a nuestro país con las personas que ha escogido para liderar nuestro gobierno. Luego de demonizar a los Latinos durante su campaña, Trump rompió el precedente desde hace décadas de tener una voz latina en su gabinete. La negativa de Trump de sumar una voz latina es inaceptable y es una cachetada en la cara de nuestra comunidad. No me quedaré sin hacer nada ante esto, y es por eso que estaré organizando junto a progresistas de todo el país para luchar."

Tom Perez To Kick Off Rural Listening Tour

Tom Perez, candidate for DNC Chair, announced today on a call with DNC members that he will kick off listening tour in rural communities starting in Northern Wisconsin on February 6 and continue in other communities in the days following. Wisconsin State Senator Janet Bewley will host Tom in her district - comprised of Ashland, Barron, Bayfield, Burnett, Douglas, Iron, Sawyer, Vilas, and Washburn counties - for a deep dive on the challenges facing Democrats in the state’s rural communities. Tom will also be joined by other elected officials and DNC members during the tour to come together and discuss strategies to engage rural voters.

“There’s no sugarcoating the challenges we face as a party in rural communities across the country,” said Tom Perez.  “In far too many towns we failed to show up, failed to engage, and failed to communicate our message of economic optimism until it was too late. That ends now. I’m excited to kick off this tour in Northern Wisconsin and look forward to sitting down with Democrats in rural communities across the country to hear exactly what they need to rebuild our party from the ground up. “

“Wisconsin saw firsthand what happens when Democrats fail to show up in every community,” said Senator Bewley.  “I’m encouraged by Tom’s eagerness to listen to Democrats in Northern Wisconsin. Tom understands that the Democratic turnaround begins with listening to and organizing Democrats in every community across the country.  I’m eager to help him do just that in my neck of the woods.”

Following today's call with DNC members and the swing through Northern Wisconsin, Tom will hold additional listening sessions in coming weeks in an effort to repair the Democratic Party’s neglect of rural communities in recent years – to devastating effect in the 2016 election.

Since announcing his candidacy, Tom has spent the past two months listening to DNC members and Democrats across the country -- and abroad – in an effort to make sure that we create a Party that works for every Democrat.

Mayors of Phoenix, Seattle Endorse Tom Perez

On the second day of the U.S. Conference of Mayors 85th Winter Meeting, Ed Murray, Mayor of Seattle, and Greg Stanton, Mayor of Phoenix, announced their support for Tom Perez for DNC chair. Both mayors cited their personal experiences working with Tom and his long track record as a progressive leader. 

These endorsements follow those of Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles, and three former Democratic mayors, Shirley Franklin, Michael Nutter, and Doug Palmer. Mayor Stanton's announcement also follows Tom's appearance at last weekend's DNC Future Forum in Phoenix.

"My roots are in local government, and I am proud to count Mayor Murray and Mayor Stanton among our supporters," said Tom Perez. "They know what it takes to engage directly with Democrats block-by-block and will play an important role as we turnaround our party." 

Ed Murray, Mayor of Seattle, Washington:

"Tom Perez has spent his life standing up for our shared values, fighting for what's right and getting things done. 

"I've seen Tom in action.  He worked to settle the west coast ports dispute that put people back to work and avoided significant damage to our economy.  Tom pushed the administration to support a $15 minimum wage in states and cities across the country, including Seattle.  Tom tackled police reforms when he was leading the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division when I was a newly elected Mayor. 

"Our party is in need of a leader like Tom, someone who can turnaround the DNC.  Tom has the experience to move our party forward and I'm proud to call him a friend and support him to lead the Democratic party."

Greg Stanton, Mayor of Phoenix, Arizona:

"We need a progressive leader who can turn the Democratic Party around and that person is Tom Perez. The next DNC chair must be able to take on big fights and win, speak to the broad tent of our party, and rebuild our party from the grassroots up. 

"Tom knows Arizona, and has taken on bullies like Joe Arpaio and Jan Brewer when they were trying to silence immigrant families here in Arizona.  He has a gift and ability to connect with voters anywhere, whether in the rural parts of our state or the urban areas of Phoenix.  He understands the importance of bringing our message of economic opportunity directly to voters in every community.  Tom stands for the values of inclusion and equal opportunity for which so many Democrats and Americans stand."

As U.S. Conference of Mayors Kicks Off, Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti Endorses Tom Perez

As the U.S. Conference of Mayors' 85th Winter Meeting kicks off today in Washington, D.C., Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles, announced his endorsement of Tom Perez for DNC chair. Mayor Garcetti's announcement follows endorsements from three former democratic mayors and five current democratic governors, each citing Tom's experience as an organizer and a progressive problem-solver.

"Mayor Garcetti and I share a progressive vision, not just for cities and states but for the Democratic Party,"said Tom Perez. "From Los Angeles to Las Cruces, we need to get the party back to basics by investing in local parties and organizing in every zip code. I am honored to have Mayor Garcetti's support as we work together to move our party and our country forward."

"As Mayor of Los Angeles, I have seen Tom deliver progressive results for working families in my city and across the nation," said Mayor Eric Garcetti. "Tom stepped up to help me raise LA's minimum wage to $15 and to get our west coast ports back to work. When President Obama tapped Tom to help me bring that nine-month standoff between union and management officials to an end, all sides knew they were getting an honest broker and proven leader, and he was an excellent partner in our ultimately successful negotiations. We need him as DNC chair because he knows how to lead, how to organize and how to communicate."


Tom Perez’ Record: Organize, Fight, Win

Today in Phoenix, Tom Perez will share his vision of a DNC for every Democrat at the first of four DNC Future Forums. Tom is a proven leader who has spent his life standing up for progressive values, taking on tough fights and winning, and making real change happen at the local, statewide, and national levels.

Phoenix is a fitting location to launch the first forum about the future of the Democratic Party. The state was a bright spot on November 8, when Arizonans organized and won, maintaining Democratic seats in competitive districts, raising the minimum wage and expanding paid leave through a ballot initiative. And changing demographics make Arizona poised to turn blue in the years ahead.

And Tom is no stranger to tackling tough issues in Phoenix and across the country. He went toe-to-toe with former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio over his discriminatory law, SB1070. Tom fought him all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and won.

During the forum, Tom will highlight his experience as a proven fighter with a record of turning around complex organizations. From serving on the Montgomery County Council to growing one of the Mid-Atlantic’s largest immigrant services nonprofits to rebuilding the Civil Rights Division at the U.S. Department of Justice and leading the U.S. Department of Labor, Tom has time and again applied progressive values to rebuild organizations from the ground up. And that’s exactly what Tom will do to make the DNC an all-day, every day, year-round organization that supports state parties, expands the party’s big tent, and grows the Democratic Party from the grassroots up.

Tom’s record shows he has never hesitated to take on a fight – and he will continue to fight for progressive causes and Americans in every zip code as DNC chair. 


Montgomery County

  • In 2002, Tom ran for a seat on the Montgomery County Council and won, becoming the first Latino elected to the Council and later served as its President.
  • Tom led an initiative to let Montgomery County residents buy cheaper prescription drugs.
  • Years before the housing crisis, Tom introduced and passed a bill to combat predatory lending and housing discrimination, a bill the Bush administration opposed.
  • Tom stood up for working families in Montgomery County and fought for affordable housing.
  • And Tom worked to improve literacy and immigration programs in Montgomery County.


Maryland Labor Secretary 

  • Tom fought the immigrant “brain waste,” helping consolidate adult education and workforce development under Maryland’s Department of Labor to support programs focused on improving the language skills of immigrant professionals.
  • And Tom co-chaired Maryland’s Homeownership Preservation Task Force in 2007, calling for tougher mortgage laws, more outreach and emergency funds for families having a hard time keeping their homes.


CASA de Maryland

  • As Board President of Casa de Maryland, Tom grew the group, expanding it to an immigration advocacy organization.
  • Tom helped Casa improve the lives of immigrants by establishing services for day laborers and vocational training at community colleges.


Civil Rights

  • As a career attorney in the Justice Department, Tom prosecuted a gang of white supremacists in Texas who went on a shooting spree, trying to start a race war.
  • And Tom worked with Senator Kennedy to pass the Church Arson Prevention Act making destroying religious property because of race, color or ethnicity easier to prosecute as a federal crime.
  • While running the Office of Civil Rights at Health and Human Services, Tom worked to end racial and ethnic disparities in health care, including pursuing a case against a hospital segregating their maternity ward by race.
  • With Tom at the helm, the Civil Rights Division stood up against religious discrimination.
  • And Tom’s first congressional testimony after becoming Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights was supporting the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which outlawed discrimination in hiring on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • And Tom challenged Arizona’s discriminatory immigration lawSB 1070, all the way to the Supreme Court. He did the same with Alabama’s anti-immigrant lawHB 56.
  • Tom went after the big banks for racial discrimination and foreclosing on active-duty service members and got the largest fair-lending housing settlements ever.



  • Tom expanded the overtime rule, guaranteeing workers earning less than $47,476 had the right to be paid for their additional work.
  • He aggressively combated worker misclassification, the unfair practice of classifying employees as independent contractors to cut costs and deprive them of wages and benefits. In 2016 alone, Labor collected $266 million in back pay owed to workers.
  • He raised the minimum wage and extended overtime protections for home health care workers, impacting nearly 2 million workers.
  • And Tom stood up for workers, issuing a rule requiring companies to disclose how much they spend combating union organizing efforts.
  • Tom played a key role in ensuring companies with federal contracts pay their contract workers a minimum wage and provide paid sick leave.
  • With Tom’s leadership, the Labor Department issued a conflict of interest rule forcing retirement advisors to put their clients’ best interest ahead of their own, potentially saving Americans billions of dollars per year.